IMO #11 - 压舱水管理公约明年生效? 2010.04.15

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Shipowners are being urged to think more seriously about fitting Ballast-water treatment systems to newly delivered ships, even though the Ballast-water convention is not in force yet.

Final approval from 30 states representing dome 35% of the world fleet that is required for the convention to come into force is “getting closer”, according to Lloyd’s Register (LR) specialist Graham Greensmith.

Many owners taking delivery of ships today without treatment systems on board could be forced to retrofit , he says, and that will be a costly and lengthy process.

Greensmith estimates that at the current rate of ratification the Ballast-water convention could be enforce by the end of 2011 or 2012.

At last week’s International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Maritime Environment Protect Committee (MEPC) meeting Secretary-general Efthimios Mitropoulos urged member state to speed up ratification. Brazil is among those reportedly ready to ratify.

According to LR’s recently completed survey of Ballast-water treatment systems, up to 20 systems could receive final approval by the end of the year, giving owners more options.

However, a common complaint is that there are not currently enough systems available for ships with high ballast-water capacity.

Greensmith believes that even if owners choose not to equip new buildings now they can still prepare by making sure the piping and power source are in place.

Owners that have taken delivery of ships without the treatment systems on board will have to retrofit at the next intermediate or special survey following the convention’s entry into force.

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