IMO #26 - IMO 延迟 BWMC 公约 2013.12.16

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IMO 延迟 BWMC 公约     


  IMO alters BWMC dates              IMO立案同意把安装 BWM的日期延至超出35%国家赞同后的12个月,目前赞同的国家为30%.
      Source: tradewinds
The IMO has agreed to revise the implementation schedule for the Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC).

It has adopted a resolution that pins the application dates of the convention to the entry into force date at a meeting of the Assembly in London on Wednesday.

This in effect makes all vessels constructed before the entry into force date ‘existing’ vessels, and allows for the installation of a ballast water management system (BWMS) on such vessels at the first renewal survey following entry into force.

At present 38 countries representing just over 30% of the world’s registered tonnage have ratified the convention.

It will enter into force 12 months after the ratification by more than 35 countries representing more than 35% of the world’s tonnage.

Intertanko was among the first to welcome the news saying it is a major step in making the implementation of the convention workable once it comes into force.

“The resolution provides the industry with a practical and clear implementation process and Intertanko urges all member states to adhere to this new schedule,” said managing director Katharina Stanzel.

Last year Intertanko led the submission of a paper to the IMO’s Marine Environment and Protection Committee (MEPC), drawing attention to potential problems of implementing the requirements of the convention.

It warned that the period for installation would be extremely short, “with several thousand ships a year needing to install ballast water management systems.”


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