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Ship Management Company    


国外目前有许多 Ship Management company (船务管理公司), 它们并非俗称的劳介  ”中介”, 而是由专业人士负责的环球大公司,它们业务范围非常之广,包括:

                        Ship management

                        Crew management

                        New ship building consultancy

                        Other marine services


Name                                Established            #of ships        website  address

Barber                                      1974                    n/a                  www.barwil.com

Denholm Group                     1873                    n/a                  www.denshipco.com

Englo Eastern                         1974                   134                 www.angloeasterngroup.com

Tesma                                      1883                   113                 www.eitzen-maritime.com

Wallem                                     1903                   240                www.wallem.com

Wilh Wilhelmson                    1861                    n/a                 www.ww-group.com

V Ships                                 1933/1984             350                 www.vships.com

Zodiac Maritime                      1970                    130                 www.zodiac-maritime.com


Barber and Wilh.Wilhelmson 合并成为 Barwil International

Barwil head office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 又在印度之孟买 (Mumbai)成立一个训练中心

International Marine Training Center (IMTC) email: www.imtcmumbai.org

Denholm 参加 Anglo Eastern 成为 Anglo Eastern Group

Anglo Eastern Group 招聘主要地区是菲律宾和马来西亚,因为这些船员比较容易申请到美国签证.


TESMA Eitzen Group 合并为 Eitzen Maritime Services (EMS).

EMS Crew management delivers Crew management services to more than 240 ships, deploying more than 2,500 seafarers from the company’s crew management centers in India, Sri-Lanka, The Philippines, Latvia, Estonia and Russia. EMS has its own agency in Singapore.

除了 Barwil and Anglo-Eastern二个公司于印度和菲律宾设有训练中心之外, V Ships and Wallem也跟着与 中海和中远在上海和青岛成为合作伙伴.

Shanghai 28/02/2006 V Ships (Asia) MSI PTE Ltd and China Shipping Container Lines  are pleased in announce the formation of a new ship management company, set up to manage four 9,600 TEUS container ships. The joint venture company, China International Ship Management Co., Ltd will be based in Shanghai and will be fully operation on 1st June 2006.

The first vessel is due for delivery in June 2006, and will be crewed by British senior officers with crew sourced from the PRC.

V Ships (Asia) MSI PTE Ltd the  Singapore based marine service joint venture between V Ships and IMC (International Maritime Corporation) was formed in 2005, and provides a comprehensive range of marine services to clients including engineering and naval architect services, spare parts procurement, travel, insurance and ship agency. The joint venture provides full technical management services to a fleet of over 70 ships.

Both partners in CISM recognize the importance of China as a future centre of ship management, and look forward to exploring new opportunities.

COSCO-Wallem ship management Co Ltd

Form in 9/16/2005 the newly established company, specializing in international  ship management, is a joint venture among COSCO Qingdao, Wallem Group and Triad Marine Corp S.A. of Taiwan . It is the first of its kind professional ship management company in Chinese mainland offering the third party service worldwide

At the time of organization COSCO-Wallem operates a fleet of 20 ships. Distinguished customers include Itochu and Sumitomo corp. from Japan. And some ship owners from Denmark and Hong Kong, China.

Based on the advanced international management system, COSCO Wallem aims to run and upgrade its capability of ship management step by step by making full use of the advantage from each business partner.

Wallem 公司在青岛崂山成立一个Wallem Maritime Training Centre. ( 1,2,3 & 4).



该训练中心负责人说: 为什么外国船东还不肯用中国船员,主要无法沟通之故

Many employers are still nervous or reluctant about Chinese crew and more often than not it is English that is cited as being the main reason.

“Poor communication is the heart of problem”. 

该中心已聘用Mr. A. Nisbet 负责教务. Mr.Nisbet joined Wallem as Fleet Personnel Manager in 2006 to focus on improving the quality of fleet personnel within the Chinese pool. Mr.Nisbet has spent several years living in China where he has developed a thorough knowledge of the training and manning market and created proven English language training programs specifically focused on the needs of the Chinese seamen and designed to function within the unique employment and training environment of China.

咨询email 地址:     wmtcq@wallem.com


根据报导在未来的十年会发生船员的短缺,我们可以看到V Ships and CSCL 的初步合作虽然限4条9600 TEUS 集装箱船的船长和轮机长 是英国人的安非仅是暂时性, 只要我们(,三副)做出一个好的记录,前途是无限的.

COSCO-Wallem 青岛训练中心已开始替外国公司培训甲板和轮机人才, 对进入外国公司的机会这里当比 V-Ships/CSCL 来的强.

Anglo-Eastern Group 如已进军广州,这应该也是国人的一个好机会.

最后希望同学们能把英语认真学习好,而不是敷衍了事, 正如 Wallem 训练中心主持人 Captain Fraser Betts “Being good enough is not good enough”.


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