VFB #7 - 海外就业露曙光

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今天是 2006 年元旦, 谨在此恭祝   各位

学业进步 事业有成

乘凤破浪 鹏程万里 

本期的新闻是:  海外就业露曙光

根据权威报导 --- 因近年来船舶吨位的急速增大世界将面临高级海员的严重缺乏各国船东将寻找新的供应来源那就是中国, 详情请看: 

1.  V-Ships, 世界上最大 ship management 公司之一 (旗下船只达 800 条), 2005 3 4日在上海举行论坛时的主题是

China crews set for major role 中国船员将扮演主要角色 (原文如下)

        China has the potential to ease the current shortage of seafarers griping the shipping industry, but a number of issues still need to be addressed.
        Out of 464,000 Chinese seafarers holding seaman books, less than 7% of them serve on foreign ships.
        The most common complaint is about the low level of English language fluency amongst Chinese seafarers. The lack of English competency of some of Chinese crew members at first contributed to a lack of social interaction.
        Those ship owners who had take the opportunity to employ Chinese seafarers had found it “time and money well spent”.
        The Chinese seafarers are currently “competitively priced” alongside competitors such as Filipinos, Indians and Russians. But their salary would eventually rise.

 2. Lloyd’s List--- Dec.15, 2005

        London Ship Managers (LSM) 最近在马尼拉开年会时提出中国将威胁菲律宾成为世界最大的海员供应国。

3. BIMCO/ISF Manpower 2005 Update published on 12/02/05 对世界海员供应所作出的报告:

    在不久的将来世界海员的缺乏将达 10,000 , or 2% of the total workforce, and there will be a continuing shift of supply from OECD to the Far East, South-East Asia and Eastern Europe.

 对刚毕业或想转公司的同学们, 以上三条新闻都具有特别的意义。

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