VFB #8 - 中国第一艘LNG

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January 10, 2006

  1. China’s First LNG Ship (见图 #1)

我国自造的第一艘 LNG 船于上月廾六日在上海沪东船厂下水,这意味着我国造船技术又提高一级进入高科时代。

From the Marine Talk:
“China’s first LNG carrier was launched in Shanghai on December 26,2005, leading China’s shipbuilding industry into a new era. The vessel is scheduled to go into service in October 2007, according to Hutong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group, a subsidiary of the China State Shipbuilding Corp (CSSC). This marks a major milestone in the China’s ship building history. The LNG ships are considered to be high-tech products with high-added value, which could only be built so far in Japan, Korea and several European countries.
The ship is 292 m in length, 43.35 m in breadth and has a capacity of 147,200 cu.meters.”

图#1 中国第一艘LNG (点击放大)


  1. LNG Cargo Operations Simulator (见图 #2)

Transas LNG simulator is intended for training of the shipboard crew who are responsible for the safe cargo handling operation….

Among the simulator’s main screens there is a monitor of events, task screen, ballast system, terminal connections, load control system with cargo planning capabilities.
30 objects and their location onboard the ship are simulated together with the product flow in pipelines.

The new simulator has been successfully installed in the USA, Spain and Italy.

图#2 LNG货物作业模拟器(点击放大)


  1. Worldwide new LNG ships on order (见图 #3)

For 2005 to 2008 the orders are distributed as shown in table below:

Yards                                       No.                                    Size (in cu.m)
Daewoo                                    29                           138,000 - 210,000
Hyundai                                    15                           141,000 - 215,000
Samsung                                  29                          138,000 - 215,000
                                   9                                2,500 - 145,000
Koyo                                            2                                              154,000
Mitsubishi                                  11                          135,000 - 152,000
Mitsui                                           2                                             140,000 
Universal                                    1                                                75,000
Chantiers de l’Atlantique         3                             74,000 - 153,500
Izar                                                1                                            138,000
Hutong                                         2                                            147,000

图#3 世界新造LNG排名


  1. 世界最大的 LNG 公司 (见图 #4)

当是马来西亚的 Malaysian International Shipping Company (MISC),目前该公司拥有 17 LNG 船,约是全世界LNG船队的十个百分比。
Tan Sri Marican 声称到 2008 MISC 的船队将增加到 28艘。

Shell Group                SK Shipping
Qatar Gas                   NYK
Ngena Gas                  Exmar
Golar Gas                    Hyundai
National Gas               Hanjin
MOL/LNG                     Australia Gas
Mitsui OSK                   Bergesen etc

图#4 世界LNG公司一览

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