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一:头条新闻 (Headline news)  

贸易风周刊 0728

1.      巴拿马型船船東前景暗淡-    明年將有483艘巴拿马型新船加入服务打乱市场, 除非煤炭,小麥和矿砂石运输有大量的增加, 否则船东们的日子会更加不好过..........

Rough ride ahead for panamax owners

Next year, more than 34 million dwt of newbuildings are scheduled for delivery.

It marks the peak year for panamax-bulker completions and, unless there is a dramatic upturn in coal, grain and iron-ore shipments, more misery will be heaped upon owners already struggling to break even.

TradeWinds last week noted broker ICAP Shipping’s comments of record numbers of panamaxes being open for business in the coming weeks — around 300 in total for the Atlantic basin and Pacific market.

According to broker Clarksons, by 1 July the panamax fleet of 60,000 dwt to 100,000 dwt had already reached 144.3 million dwt, an 11% growth year-on-year.

Overall, the global orderbook is 888 vessels of 71.2 million dwt.

After next year’s massive 34.2 million dwt, a further 15.2 million dwt is pencilled in for 2013 onwards.

According to transport bank DVB, which categorises panamaxes as 60,000 dwt to 83,500 dwt and “Unless there is significantly higher scrapping and lesser newbuilding contracting, we do not expect freight rates to improve anytime soon.”

Scrappings have increased from less than 10 last year to around 50 already in 2011 but this is still insufficient to burst the oversupply bubble.

Owners are reluctant to lock tonnage into contracts at current rates and it is no surprise to see Clarksons recording just 18 period fixtures for bulkers during the first three weeks of July, as compared with 55 during all of July 2010.

Panamax bulker spot fixtures this month lag behind last year, with 171 to 22 July, as compared with 265 for all of July 2010. In June, however, the total was mariginally higher at 234, according to Clarksons’s figures.

It means that the daily breakeven, says the bank, for a vessel contracted in 2010 for $34.5m will be $19,908 per day. But for a similar vessel booked in 2008 at $46.5m it is $24,920 per day.

On the downside, says DVB, the number of iron-ore liftings by panamaxes has been declining. In 2006 there were 2,293 liftings, or 36% of the total, but by 2010 it was down to 1,526.

One reason has been the economies of scale achieved by using larger ships, including for iron ore.

“Even for grain, the parcel sizes have been increasing for intercontinental trades, which favour the use of small capes, with smaller handysize and handymax vessels being used for intra-regional trade,” said DVB.

Grain liftings on panamaxes from major loading ports, however, are said to have risen from 724 in 2009 to 1,148 in 2010.

A good signal for panamax owners is also Clarksons’s expectation that 4.4 million dwt of ships could be scrapped during 2011, some four million dwt being in the 60,000-dwt-to-80,000-dwt bracket. (1)

Published: 22:01 GMT, 28 Jul 11 | updated: 20:08 GMT, 27 Jul 11  

2.       中国税务局加紧征收外国船东税金-      根据一条旧的税法外国人把船租给中国公司所荻得的收入必需交缴5-15% 税金, 为简化手续起见政府授杈中国公司代收,从租金中扣出该笔应纳之税金,否则将被罚三倍数目. 业界人士认为此措施如不详细列于租约之中它将引起不少中国租家和外国船东的纠纷和租约的更改, 最近某希腊船东扣留中远集团三条货轮便是一例……….

Chinese tax drive could hit owners

There are signs of an upswing in efforts to rework charter terms.

Shipowners involved in deals with Chinese charterers are being warned to expect an increase in requests to renegotiate after Beijing began to turn the screw on tax earlier this summer, a source says.

China has launched a campaign to ensure that it claims more tax generated from revenue that foreign companies earn by doing business in the country, he adds.

In its most extreme form this campaign could even see Beijing arresting foreign-owned vessels in Chinese ports. But this scenario is thought unlikely as the government has set up a mechanism whereby Chinese charterers are the “withholding agents” of the tax on behalf of the authorities.

Under Chinese law, foreign companies are expected to pay an “enterprise income tax” if they do business in China.

This can be anything from 5% to 15% of the total cash paid by a Chinese company to the foreign entity. The overall figure can depend on a range of factors, including bilateral tax agreements and tax already paid by the shipowner in their own country.

But as Chinese tax officials would face a number of barriers in chasing foreign companies, they ask the Chinese parties to act as withholding agents who can collect the tax on their behalf.

A Chinese company could face fines of up to 300% of the total tax that should have been paid if it does not fulfil its obligations under this law, according to research by Clyde & Co solicitors.

But a tax insider based in Shanghai tells TradeWinds that the tax authorities could even go directly to the foreign owners themselves.

He said: “There is a possibility that Beijing could arrest foreign-controlled vessels in Chinese ports to collect this cash.

The issue of tax payments has been highlighted after TradeWinds revealed last week that Greek shipowner George Economou was taking legal action against Cosco Qingdao after the Chinese charterer was alleged to have failed to pay its charter fees.

The bulker wing of China’s largest shipping company said it had “overlooked” a 10% enterprise income tax that must be paid to the Chinese authorities — and that it wanted to renegotiate the terms of the charter to take this payment into account.

Cosco Qingdao is thought to have been pressured by the tax authorities to come up with the tax or face the risk of paying a 300% fine on top of the funds it already owes.

And worryingly for other overseas shipowners, the tax source says the company could be the first of many Chinese charterers to attempt to force renegotiations on the back of this issue.

“There have been more instances of this happening recently,” he added. “The laws are quite old but it has come more to our attention since May or June, which would suggest that Beijing is trying to plug some tax gaps that it has identified.

“I doubt this is aimed purely at the shipping industry as this tax covers a wide range of economic interests.

“But there could be many charter deals affected by this.” (2)


Published: 22:01 GMT, 28 Jul 11 | updated: 20:25 GMT, 27 Jul 11  


贸易风周刊 0716-31

1. -中团船东公司反对淡水河谷公司使用1940万吨 VLOC船来控制运费和矿砂石价钱.

2. -淡水河谷公司正在跟中国政府和码头当局协商让 40万吨矿砂石船停靠中国港口卸货.

3. -因运费降低无利可图很多巴拿马型船只被送往拆船厂.

         希腊船务日报 0716-31

         1. -IRS (International Registry of Shipping) 经己得到批准于中国国内验船和发证书.

         2. -中国七月份煤炭进口上升 1.2% 1373万吨, 但上半年同比即下降12%.

         3. -世界多国家正在考虑于商船上派出武装安全人员.

         4. -Sino Global Shipping (America) 正与中远货箱船务公司商谈外代业务.

         5. -因货运减少川走亚洲-美西船公司将调低船期.

         6. -法国船级社 Bureau Veritas 缩短 CAP (Condition Assessment Program) 报告书服务时间从三个月减到一个月.

         7. -德国主机制造商 MAN 正在研发供应 VLCC 主机之业务.

         8. -加拿大政府雇员退休基金会以 5亿美元买进 V.Ships 船管业务.

劳氏船务 0716-31

1. -40%从波斯湾到中国之原油已由中国自己船只装运.

2. -近日中国/巴两两国商务谈判议程之中并未提及淡水河谷公司与中方谈判有关40万吨船来华卸货事. 议程主要项目为飞机和电子制造.

3. -因国内需求提高印度今年对中国之煤炭输出量将减少20% 因而影响到 Panamax 型船运费.

4. -香港码头堵塞转运货箱被延迟达七天之久, 货家因此抗议.

二:造船 (Shipbuilding)

1. -韩国现代造船厂第二季盈利下降40%.

2. -中韩两国造船厂今年交船吨位相差日益拉大, 前半年中国造船厂交船吨位达世界之40%.

                3. -Euronav 公司跟三星船厂商谈延后接收 2 Suezmax和一条 VLCC新船时间从20112012.

四:海难 (Casualty)

     1. -油轮 “Phoenix” (1977) 30,000-dwt 从非洲西岸前往印度折船厂时, 7/26日于好望角附近搁浅, 船上15名印度船员安全无羌.( 3)


五:买卖/租贷         (S/P & Chartering)

1. S & P

-“Torm Margit”        (2007) 109000-dwt.Tanker             usd  47.50M, unknown

-“Fair Wind”            (1982)   64000-dwt.Bulker               usd    6.20M, China

-“Ocean Trader”    (1983)   32000-dwt,Bulker               usd    6.80M, unknown

-“Katarina”              (1986)   28400-dwt, Bulker              usd    5.90M, unknown

2. 拆船                      

                             -“Cheng Gong”                   (1980) 78400-dwt                   usd 453/ldt, China

                             -“La Donna 1”                     (1983) 63800-dwt                    usd 540/ldt, India                                                               -“Panamax ars”                  (1980) 62200-dwt                    usd 451/ldt, India

-“Cape Ray”             (2007)   177853 dwt dely Qingdao 19/20 July trip via Gladstone redel S.Korea $9500 daily – STX Pan Ocean

-“Anangel Prosperity” (2006)   174000 dwt dely Taicang 20/30  July  trip via W.Australia redel S’pore-Japan range $9100 daily  – HMM
-“Glory Power”          (2006)    87144 dwt  dely Higashi 21/26 July  trip via EC Australia redel  S’pore-Japan range $9650 daily  - cnr

-“JS Liberty”             (2011)    58018 dwt  dely Hongkong 21/30 July  trip via Indonesia redel S.China $11000 daily – D’Amico
-“Good Pilgrim”          (2009)    30162 dwt  dely Bilbao prompt trip via NC S.America, int. dri, redel W.Mediterrean  $12000 daily – cnr


-“Navios Antares”      (2010) 169000-dwt   5-8 months           usd 13750/daily      Vitol                     

-“Bulk Brazil”             (2008)   82000-dwt  18-24 months         usd 12750/daily      Cargill

-“Deep Seas”            (1999)   72000-dwt,  36 months.           usd 11000/daily      Morgab Stabley

-“Mandarin Singapore” (2011)   57000-dwt  12 months             usd 12000/daily      SK Shipping

-“E.R.Bilbao”             (2010)    55783-dwt, 18-24 months.        usd 14000/daily      SK Shpping

5. ORE

-Tbn                     170000/10%, Dampier/ 青島,      06/10 Aug      usd    7.75    fio,    sc/30000sc --  Rio Tinto

-Tbn                      170000/10%, Port Hedland/  青島, 05/10 Aug  usd    7.75    fio,    sc/30000sc  – BHP Billiton

-Tbn                      170000/10%, Tubarao/ 青島,     20/30 Aug      usd   19.85   fio,    sc/30000sc --  Sinochart

-Tbn                      160000/10%, Saldanha Bay/ 青島, 01/10 Sept usd   14.00    fio,    sc/30000sc --  Kumba

6. Daily Summary of Baltic Exchange Dry Indices 2011.08.01

Baltic Exchange Dry              Index      BDI     1256 (down       8)
Baltic Exchange Capesize    Index      BCI      1738 (down     11)
Baltic Exchange Panamax    Index      BPI      1502 (down       9)
Baltic Exchange Supramax  Index       BSI      1254 (down       5)
Baltic Exchange Handysize  Index      BHSI      670 (down       6)

2011/07/01 船用燃油价格(每吨/usd)

来源: Bunkerworld

                                IFO 380           __IFO 180              MDO           MGO   

新加坡                       680                     690                     967            975

鹿特丹                       689                     690                     -----            997

            休士顿                        650                     675                     -----            990

        洛杉矶                       690                     720                     -----            1005


备注:        tbn         = to be named                       ldt          = light d/weight ton

usd        = u.s.dollar                           mtpa        = million ton per annum              

cbm       =cubic meter                           tpa        =million metric ton per annu

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