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一:本期头条 拫据二条来自中美洲的新闻说: 巴拿马运河扩宽工程未能依照原来计划于201410月启用而要延迟6个月……(拓宽前船闸水深为39.5 ft, 110ft; 拓宽历后水深为 50.49ft, 181 ft, 可容 12,000-teu船通过)( 1-4).

Caribbean Maritime         May 16, 2012

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has received a new schedule from its construction consortium for completion of the new locks, according to the Journal of Commerce (April 4, 2012).

Quoting Jorge Quijano, the engineer in charge of building the third set of locks, the Journal of Commerce said the new locks would probably not be ready for their scheduled opening in October 2014 but would be ready for a trial run by a vessel in December.

The change in the opening date of the new locks is said to be related to the concrete, which according to the specifications is required to last for at least 100 years. The new schedule for completing the work specified in the $3.2 billion contract has reportedly indicated that all the work will not be completed until April 2015, six months after the target date for the opening of the new locks in October 2014. However, the new schedule includes work on such elements as parking lots and building that are not essential to the new locks.

The locks are expected to be ready for testing in October, but not for full operation. According to the Journal of Commerce.

Panama-guide.com April 4, 2012

Panama Canal Expansion Project Now Officially Delayed At Least Six Months - Probably More

According to an article published today by the Journal of Commerce, the consortium responsible for building the third set of locks as part of the project to expand the Panama Canal, Grupo Unidos por el Canal, has officially reported to the Panama Canal Authority they will not be able to deliver the project on time. In a letter GUPC told the Panama Canal authority the project will not be delivered until April 2015, some six months past the required date of October 2014. According to the contract, the GUPC faces penalties of $300,000 per day if it cannot complete the locks on time, up to a maximum of $54 million dollars. The entire contract was for $3.2 billion dollars so therefore the maximum possible penalty represents about 1.7% of the total contract value. Here's a link to the article in the Journal of Commerce.

贸易凤周刊  0523               熔盛造船厂近日正在替二条淡水河谷订造之40万吨 VLOC 举行命名典礼

表面上一切正常但暗底里 Vale与中远之纠缠尚未解决…….......

1.       Huge Valemax pair named at Rongsheng

The world’s largest bulkers, the 35-strong 400,000-dwt Valemax series of very large ore carriers (VLOCs) now rolling out in South Korea and China, are possibly the world’s most controversial as well, thanks to efforts by China’s biggest shipowner to exclude them from their intended destination.

But there is no controversy over them at Jiangsu Rongsheng Heavy Industries in Nantong near the mouth of China’s Yangtze River.

Besides the principals to the transaction, Nantong vice-mayor Chen Huijuan is clearly proud of the ships under construction at Rongsheng. Yard officals including chief operating officer (COO) David Luan say the yard has enjoyed her strenuous political support since its start-up.

The vast and relatively shiny shipyard has half-a-dozen of the massive hulls in varying states of completion, mostly well advanced, as well as acres of sections and blocks waiting to be assembled.

The first two to be delivered will be the 400,000-dwt Vale Liwa and Vale Sohar, probably by the end of June.

Officials of the owner, Oman Shipping Co, and long-term charterer, Brazilian mining giant Vale, were on hand for the elaborate and festive, if speechy, naming ceremony for the pair, followed by a tour of the Vale Liwa at its berth on the Yangtze.

Of the 35 Valemax VLOCs already built or under construction or ordered, the Omani-owned quartet is sometimes described as having been booked for Vale’s iron-ore pelletisation plant there. However, sources close to Oman Shipping say all the Valemax ships will trade as needed in Vale’s fleet, not necessarily in a dedicated fashion between Brazil and Oman.

2.       Vale denies charter feud with Cosco 淡水河谷否认杯葛中远船队装运矿砂石....

The Brazilian mining giant may be trying to make peace with the Chinese owner, as delegates at TradeWinds Shipping China conference heard this week.

Mining giant Vale has denied that it is carrying on a chartering boycott in its feud with China’s Cosco.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian company may be holding out an olive branch to Cosco in the form of a sale-and-charterback deal with unspecified owners.

“Vale’s strategy is not about owning vessels,” Gurinder Singh, Vale’s Singapore-based director of shipping and distribution, told deeply divided Chinese and foreign delegates at this week’s TradeWinds Shipping China conference in Shanghai. “We will partner with any shipowners who are interested — but at the right rates, based on the cost of investment and a reasonable rate of return and not speculative ordering.”

Singh was confronted over the alleged boycott by Chinese operators who fear the effect of the new 400,000-dwt Valemaxes on smaller-than-capesize tonnage. The ongoing Vale-Cosco conflict was repeatedly aired by delegates and speakers at the Shanghai meeting.

Singh told the conference that this year to date, 17 Cosco ships have called at Vale terminals. Seven of those were chartered by Vale itself and Singh says this proves his case.

“We are a user of shipping and Cosco is a supplier of shipping — how can there be a battle between two parts of the supply chain?” Singh told TradeWinds.

3.       More pain on China bulk front               中国原料进囗放慢对世界租船界帶来极大的影响……  

Concerns grow that the fall-off in Chinese-bound iron ore and coal will be prolonged.

More misery is being piled on owners and operators of capesize and panamax bulkers as cargoes of iron ore and coal bound for China are deferred or cancelled as the global economic concerns grow.

Traders and steel mills have been deferring or defaulting on shipments at a time when owners are wrestling with spot capesize rates that have fallen to a pitiful $8,500 per day and panamaxes $9,900 per day.

Rory MacDonald, iron-ore broker with Freight Investor Services (FIS) in Singapore, says reports of cargo deferrals or defaults are against the background of a fairly bearish macro-economic outlook short to medium term for China, huge iron-ore stockpiles at Chinese ports and overcapacity in the Chinese steel market.

At the root of the problem are tumbling iron-ore, coal and steel prices, leaving players with thin or non-existent margins.

Benchmark iron ore with 62% iron content for China import has been falling day-after-day to $129.90 per tonne at TradeWinds’s presstime, its lowest since November 2011. Given that a capesize cargo is worth around $15m the potential losses in a declining market for steel mills and traders are enormous.  Dry-bulk brokers in Asia report that spot coal cargoes are also “evaporating into thin air”. One broker who is actively involved in the Indonesian coal trade says that a lot of the Chinese business his company had on subjects has disappeared.

But demand for coal in China now appears to be in decline as the country’s economy slows.Bloomberg reports that daily coal use by the country’s power utilities fell for a second month, sliding 11% to 3.54 million tonnes in April compared with March. Coal stockpiles at the power companies rose to 83.5 million tonnes or 23.6 days of use by 30 April, up from 19.3 days at the end of March.

Clancy said: “I suspect the average rates for the year for capes has been hovering around $6,500 to $7,000 (per day). The very few bulls that are left in the market are chewing on the grass of a hopeful recovery in the third and fourth quarter of this year, anticipating a repeat of last year’s cycle.

4.        Rena duo get seven months       于新西兰搁浅之“Rena” 轮船长和二副因失职各被判七个月牢刑

The captain and navigation officer of the grounded Costamare boxship Rena have been jailed for seven months in New Zealand.

Master Mauro Balomaga and colleague Leonil Relon lost their court-imposed anonymity as the verdicts were handed down in Tauranga District Court on Friday.

In late February, Balomaga pleaded guilty to all charges against him, while Relon admitted all charges, except a Resource Management Act (RMA) charge on which he entered no plea


Both men were accused of operating a vessel in a manner likely to cause danger, discharging a contaminant and three instances of altering ship documents. The captain also faced an additional charge of altering ship documents.

The Rena hit the Astrolabe Reef off Tauranga last October, causing what is viewed in New Zealand as an environmental disaster.

The two Filipinos were supported by 15 people in court and many could be seen crying following the sentencing, TV reports said.

The court was told that the men crew had not complied with "basic navigation practices" before the ship ran aground and that the ship had altered course during the day leading up to the grounding, with attempts made to cover it up.

The prosecution said Rena's navigation officer cut every possible corner and never plotted the vessel's actual location.

And when Astrolabe Reef did show up on the Rena's radar the captain's only response was to order a quick lookout, then assuming it was a false reading, he asked for more speed.

"The actions, or lack of actions, reveal a theme of fundamental incompetence," prosecutor Rob Ronayne said.

After the grounding the crown said the pair changed navigation charts and lied to investigators for more than a month until a forensic examination of the Rena's GPS showed it had been tampered with. "The creation of the falsehoods was deliberate and must have been planned," Ronayne said.

希腊船务日报  0531    

                   1. -中海运通过与 CMA-CGM之合作即将开辟一条由亚洲到美国墨湾和佛里达港口之每周航班. 航线为厦门-香港-上海-釜山-Manzanillo墨西哥-侯士顿-Mobil-Miami Jacksnville, 所用船类为 3398-5096箱位.

          2.-日本 Furuno雷达公司于马里拉和孟买设立电子海图 ECDIS之训练.


                   1. -中国当局批准港口兴建40万船泊位, 业界认为是接受淡水河谷40万吨船进港卸货之前兆.

                   2. -中国当局正考虑进口货由中国货轮装运以协助船东渡过难关.

                   3. -日本船级社 NK以拥有200百万吨注册船只晋升为世界最大之船级社.

                   4. -IMO 发表货轮雇用武装人员护航指南.

                   5. -英国船管公司 Craigh获得10条正在熔盛造船厂建造中油轮之管理合约.

二:造船 (Shipbuilding)

                   1. -德国 A.O.Schiffahrt公司向Taizhou Catic造船厂订造282,000-dwt新船前天举行命名典礼, 计为 Caroline Oetker Ida Oetkr 交船后将以长期租给 Rudolf A.Oetker公司.

三:港口 (Terminals)

                   1. -据各大公司网站报导世界多数港口目前均显示拥塞而严重担搁物流工作.

                   2. -印度 Chennai港因连接公路尚未拓宽而造成码头堵塞.

                   3. -2010年缅甸当局与外国投资者所议之订划投资 600亿美元于缅甸西岸 Dawei兴建一个可容纳25条船之深水码头, 是否会受到近日缅甸政界变动所影响而流产. ( 5).

                    4. - 上月20日于福建泉州石湖港所看到之日全蝕. ( 6).

:海难 (Casualty)

                   1. -智利旗货轮 “Panos Earth” (1984) 79,000-dwt上月从委瑞利亚装运矿砂石前往中国途中因在中国所装之劣质燃油导致主机发生故障而被迫开进 Cape Town检修.

                   2. - 瑞典旗大型渡轮 “Stena Spirit” (1999) 39 193 g/t  上月17日于 Gdynia港撞倒一座吊杆三名码头工人受伤.

五:买卖/租贷         (S/P & Chartering)

1. S & P  

-Jinhai resale         (2012)     79600-dwt, Bulker usd   23.50M, Japan

-“Feggites”              (1989)     68774-dwt, Bulker usd     5.85M, China

-Jinhai resale         (2012)     57300-dwt, Bulker usd   24.33M, Europe

-“Treasure Island” (2005)     52489-dwt, Bulker usd   19.80M, Greek

-“Solar Asia”           (1998)     46658-dwt, Bulker usd   12.80M, Far East

-“Gas Trust”            (2013)     52000-dwt, Tanker         usd   33.50M, Maersk

-“Weserstern”        (1992)     10965-dwt, Tanker         usd     4.50M, Russia


                               -“OBO Front Rider”             (1992)  169718-dwt                    usd    440/ldt, Banglasdesh

-“Hebei Pride”                    (1991)  147253-dwt                  usd    485/ldt, Banglasdesh

-“MSC  India”                      (1991)     24330-dwt                    usd    423/ldt, India  

-“Atlantic Majesty”              (1984)    14503-dwt                   usd    419/ldt, China                                                                                                                                                                                                

3. 本星期远东 2002年造二手船平均价值:

种类                               油轮                                干散货轮                               集装箱轮         (teu)

船型                     VLCC         Suezmax      Aframax    Cape    Pmax    Supramax     Handy     ULCV     Pmax     Handy     Fmax

吨位()                   31                 16            11            18         7..5            5              3           16000      4000       1400        750

价值(万美元)           3930             2830          1020         2380     1780        1550           1330          ---         2210       1100        970

4. Daily Summary of Baltic Exchange Dry Indices 2012.05.31

Baltic Exchange Dry              Index     BDI      923  (-      27)
Baltic Exchange Capesize    Index     BCI     1319  (-      23)
Baltic Exchange Panamax    Index     BPI       923  (-      46)
Baltic Exchange Supramax  Index      BSI     1034  (-      20)
Baltic Exchange Handysize  Index     BHSI     629  (-        6)


-“Golden Queen”        (2010)       175918 dwt dely CJK 26/30 May trip via Gladstone redel Japan $6800 daily – NS United

-“Anangel Sun”          (2011)       114500 dwt dely aps Recalada spot trip redel Continent $9500 daily + $350000bb – Cargill

-“Bulk Philippines”      (2011)         95000 dwt dely Zhuhai 28-31 May trip via W.Australia redel China $5000 daily – Sinochart

-“Hebei Shijiazhuang”  (2011)         93720 dwt dely Constanza 22-25 May trip via Black Sea redel Port Said $14000 daily –cnr

-“Yong Huan”             (2010)         74837 dwt dely Xiamen spot trip via EC Australia redel S.china $7500 daily – cnr

-“Yuan Hui Hai”          (2006)         74259 dwt dely psg Gibraltar spot trip via EC S.Am redel Skaw-Gibraltar $10000 daily – Cargill

-“Four Shinano”           (2008)         56676 dwt dely aps Samarinda end May trip redel India $8000 daily + $90000bb– Isaphia


-“Rosco Olive”             (2010)   74896-dwt    2-6   months       usd    9000/daily   Norden

-“Chang Hangjiang Hai” (2001)   57124-dwt    3-5   months       usd  18500/daily    STX Pan Ocean

-“Bue Marlin 1”             (2008)   57000-dwt    3-7   months       usd    9500/daily   cnr

-“Navios Ulysses”       (2007)   55728-dwt    4-7   months       usd  11000/daily    cnr

7. ORE

-Tbn                       160000/10%, Port Hedland/青島     2/5 Jun        usd      7.70   fio,    sc/30000sc  --  FMG

-Tbn                       160000/10%, Dampier/青島            5/8 Jun       usd      7.70  fio.     sc/30000sc  --  Rio Tinto

-“Bao Chan”  (2010)   90000/10%, Port Hedland/青島   10/15 Jun      usd       9.70  fio.     sc/30000sc  --  PMI


-Tbn                      125000/10%, Baltimore/Yantai     25/7 – 10/8     usd  34.50   fio,    25000shinc bends --  LDH Energy

2012/05/31 船用燃油价格(每吨/usd)

来源: Bunkerworld

                                IFO 380           __IFO 180              MDO           MGO   

新加坡                       620                     630                   860              865

鹿特丹                       605                     630                    -----             885

            休士顿                        610                     640                    -----             890


备注:        tbn         = to be named                       ldt          = light d/weight ton

usd        = u.s.dollar                           mtpa        = million ton per annum              

cbm       =cubic meter                           tpa        =million metric ton per annu

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