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一:本期头条 本期将介诏二位航运界女强人, 她们是新任马±基油轮部女总裁  Ms.Hanne SorensenNavios Maritime女总裁 Ms.Angeliki Frangou, 前者负责300条各类油轮的运作, 后者为华尔街上市亿万资产航运公司总裁. 

Marine Log月刊       5月份             

Hanne B. Sorensen- CEO Maersk Tankers              

Hanne B. Sørensen has been appointed new CEO of Maersk Tankers effective February 13. Sørensen, the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Maersk Line, succeeds Søren Skou, who recently assumed the position as Maersk Line CEO.
"Hanne B. Sørensen comes with experience and a strong track record within international shipping," says Partner and member of the Executive Board Claus V. Hemmingsen, who has overall responsibility for Maersk Tankers.
"As Chief Commercial Officer of Maersk Line, Hanne has been key in applying a stronger customer-focus in the same time as making the global frontline organization more agile and efficient. Hanne has proven that she has a strong strategic mindset and the capability to execute. I am convinced that Hanne is the right person to be at the helm of Maersk Tankers at a time that is challenging, but also with opportunities," says Hemmingsen.
Maersk Tankers operates 300 modern crude oil, product and gas tankers and is one of seven core businesses in the Maersk Group.
Sørensen says she looks forward to the leadership challenge: "This is a unique opportunity and I had no doubt when I was offered the job. I am new to the tanker business, but not new to working in a challenging and very competitive industry, and I look forward to working on developing Maersk Tankers' leadership position."
Sørensen joined the A.P. Moller - Maersk Group in Copenhagen as an economist in Maersk Line in 1994. Until 2001, she held various CFO positions for Maersk Line in India, Italy and Singapore. In 2006, she was promoted to Area Manager with base in Genoa, and in 2008, Hanne was appointed Chief Commercial Officer in Maersk Line.

Angeliki Frangou    ( 1).

Ms. Frangou has been Navios Maritime Holdings (NYSE: NM) Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer since inception in 2005. She is also the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Navios Maritime Partners, L.P. (NYSE: NMM) and Navios Maritime Acquisition Corporation (NYSE: NNA).

Previously, Ms. Frangou was Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of International Shipping Enterprises Inc., which acquired Navios Holdings. From 1990 through August 2005, Ms. Frangou was the Chief Executive Officer of Maritime Enterprises Management S.A., and its predecessor company, which specialized in the management of dry cargo vessels. Ms. Frangou is the Chairman of IRF European Finance Investments Ltd., listed on the SFM of the London Stock Exchange.

Ms. Frangou is the Vice Chairman of the Mediterranean Committee of the China Classification Society and member of the Hellenic and Black Sea Committee of Bureau Veritas, as well as a member of the Greek Committee of Nippon Kaiji Kyokai.

Ms. Frangou received a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University (summa cum laude) and a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Columbia University.

Ms. Frangou was elected by Connecticut Maritime Association as Commodore of 2011.

Ms. Frangou joins an elite community of leaders who have been honored in the past as Commodores. Ms. Frangou's vision is demonstrated perhaps most conclusively in 2004, when she adopted a little known vehicle, called a SPAC, to raise significant funds from the public markets. Subsequently, she acquired Navios and has since built Navios into a leading company in the shipping industry. The group now controls 95 vessels (73 bulkers and 22 tankers) and a growing logistics company in South America. We are delighted to have her join the distinguished community of Commodores."

Former CMA Commodores include: Ole Skaarup, Jacob Stolt-Nielsen, George Livanos, Phil Loree, Thomas Moran, Gregory Hadjieleftheriadis, Helmut Sohmen, Gerhard Kurz, William O'Neil, Richard du Moulin, Per Heidenreich, Mark Saverys, Frank Tsao, Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Peter Georgiopoulos, C. Sean Day, Torben Jensen, Morten Arntzen, John Fredriksen, Capt. Wei Jiafu and Philippe Louis-Dreyfus.


贸易凤周刊  0606-09            

At least 30 vessels of unsold coal cargoes float off China's coast            因需求放缓最少有30 Panamax Capesize正在中国港外等待卸货.

At least 30 Panamax or Capesize vessels are floating off China's coast because traders who bought them have been unable to resell them to end-users, two industry sources said at a conference in Indonesia.
The numbers of vessels that will run on demurrage at the expense of at least 10 Chinese coal traders who bought the cargoes from international trading companies and coal producers from the US, Colombia and Indonesia is expected to increase over the next few weeks, the sources said in interviews on the sidelines of the Coaltrans Asia conference in Bali, Indonesia.
"The situation is really very bad and is getting worse," one industry source said.
A source from South Korea said he is surprised about the number of vessels that cannot discharge coal in various ports in China, saying he was previously aware that there were only 12 such vessels lying in wait.
Chinese traders who bought and already paid for the coal from the international shippers and producers are now desperately trying to re-sell the cargoes to Chinese end-users or to other north Asian coal buyers whose company does not require a tender process before it can buy coal cargoes, the industry source said.

Asia bulker rates sent plummeting   亚洲干散船运费大幅下降

An export ban and sluggish demand are biting hard on prospects for panamaxes and supramaxes.

Rates for panamax and supramax bulkers trading in Asia have been decimated by a perfect storm of Indonesia’s export ban and sluggish demand for raw materials in the major markets of China and India.

The Asian dry-bulk markets are expected to remain dire throughout the summer period. However, industry observers predict that they will stage a recovery later this year as China depletes the vast stockpiles it built up during the first quarter of the year and as Indonesian exports resume in full.

“Panamax and supramax bulkers form the backbone of Asia’s non-iron-ore commodities trades, and carry most of Indonesia’s nickel-ore and bauxite cargoes to its main markets of China and India. With exports yet to resume following the Indonesian government’s ban on unprocessed ore exports last month, trade for these ships has all but disappeared.

This, combined with China’s lack of appetite for commodity imports and a reduction in demand from India because of the low value of the Indian rupee, has sent Asian dry-bulk rates plummeting.

Panamax bulkers in the Pacific were earning upwards of $8,000 per day a month ago but since the ban came into place, this has dropped to around $4,000 per day and continues to fall.

Similarly, supramax rates in Asia have fallen from around $10,000 per day to less than $6,000 per day during the same period.

New system to help vessels in Malacca strait     建议中之马六甲海峡电子航道

Saturday, 09 June 2012 | 00:00


Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia are about to launch a newly improved ship management system for the region. The system aims to ensure maritime safety and marine environment protection in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore.
The new system, called the Marine Electronic Highway (MEH), will transmit real-time information to a data center, which is located in Batam in Indonesia’s Riau province. The center will then send the data to related agencies in Malaysia and Singapore, as well as to vessels passing through the straits.
According to Raja Malik Saripulazan, the director of the MEH demonstration project, the maritime states have developed the system to ensure safety in the area now that the situation in the straits is becoming more dynamic.
“The amount of faster and bigger ships is increasing. There are ships that carry oil and other chemical contents. There’s also the growing interest of cruise ships that carry a large number of people,” he said in Jakarta on Wednesday.
Arief Yuwono, deputy minister at Indonesia’s Environment Ministry, confirmed Saripulazan’s statement.
He said that as many as 200 large crude carriers passed through the straits every day and they risked damaging the marine ecosystem.
Ashok Mahapatra from the International Maritime Organization said that shipmasters would be able to navigate their vessels better using data from the center.
“We send information about the tides, positions of navigation buoys, water levels and many more subjects. They can travel safely and, at the same time, avoid damaging the environment,” Mahapatra announced.
The MEH system is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), an independent financial organization, which focuses on global environmental issues. The GEF initiated the project in 1996.
Mustapha Benmaamar, a senior transport specialist at The World Bank, a GEF agency, said that the GEF had disbursed about US$8.3 million in grants for the project.
He added that the MEH system would have implications wider than simply the littoral states because many countries used the straits.
He said that if the project was successful, the World Bank would implement it in many other parts of the world, such as the Mediterranean Sea and the China Sea.
“We are moving to the implementation stage. Now we aim to attract users and demonstrate the benefits to them. Hopefully we can make the system available to as many users as possible, so we can sustain the project financially and bring it to another level,” Benmaamar said.
To be able to make use of the system, owners of the vessels do not have to install additional technology.
Mahapatra said that they could use current equipment already in place on board, such as the Electronic Chart Display and Information System and Automated Identification System.
Benmaamar added that it would be helpful if the users could contribute through subscriptions once they valued the project’s benefits. However, he said that they had yet to come up with a subscription fee.
Source: The Jakarta Post

二:买卖/租贷         (S/P & Chartering)

1. S & P                    Holidays in Lndon no report of sales   


                             -“Panamax Anna”             (1982)  64747-dwt         usd    432/ldt, Pakistan

                             -“Cape Ore”                      (1990)  44216-dwt         usd    437/ldt,Pakistan

3. 本星期远东 2002年造二手船平均价值:

种类                                 油轮                              干散货轮                              集装箱轮         (teu)

船型                      VLCC       Suezmax      Aframax    Cape    Pmax    Supramax     Handy     ULCV     Pmax     Handy     Fmax

吨位()                   31            16                11            18         7..5            5             3           16000      4000       1400        750

价值(万美元)           3820         2750            1060         2340     1750        1520           1330          ---         2210       1100        970

4. Daily Summary of Baltic Exchange Dry Indices 2012.06.11

Baltic Exchange Dry              Index     BDI      884  (+     7)
Baltic Exchange Capesize    Index     BCI     1221  (-      2)
Baltic Exchange Panamax    Index     BPI       944  (+   30)
Baltic Exchange Supramax  Index      BSI     1000  (+     0)
Baltic Exchange Handysize  Index     BHSI     611  (+     4)


-“Maria A.Angelicoussi”(2001)       169000 dwt dely Fancheng  02 Jun trip via Richards Bay redel S.China $9250 daily – STX Panocean

-“Umberto D’Amato”   (2011)         93270 dwt dely Gilbraltar    05/10 Jun trip via Murmansk redel China $15000 daily  – Angroship

-“Prabhu Yuvika”       (2004)         76310 dwt dely Seattle       20/22 Jun trip redel S’pore-Jpn range $7500 daily + $375000bb– Dreyfus

-“Gruri Prem”            (2007)         74405 dwt dely Indonesia  Spot  trip redel China $5000 daily+ $60000bb –cnr


-“Shark Island”        (1996)   28587-dwt    4-6   months       usd    8000/daily   Thoresen

7. ORE

-Tbn                                      170000/10%, Port Hedland/青島    14/16 Jun        usd      7.20   fio,    sc/30000sc  --  BHP Billiton

-“Winning Confidence” (2005)   160000/10%, Dampier/青島            21/26 Jun        usd      7.05  fio.     sc/30000sc  --  Rio Tinto

-“DHL Pacific”        (2010)       160000/10%, Tubarao/青島            17/26 Jun        usd    17.85  fio.     sc/30000sc  --  Oldendorff

-Tbn                                     150000/10%, Esperance/青島        20/29 Jun        usd      9.90  fio,     sc/30000sc  --  Pacific Bulk

-“Sandra”               (2005)       160000/10%, Saldanha Bay/青島   20/25 Jun        usd    12.90  fio.     sc/30000sc  --  Kumba

2012/06/11 船用燃油价格(每吨/usd)

来源: Bunkerworld

                                IFO 380           __IFO 180              MDO           MGO   

新加坡                       605                     615                   850              860

鹿特丹                       580                     605                    -----             855

            休士顿                        580                     620                    -----             870


备注:        tbn         = to be named                       ldt          = light d/weight ton

usd        = u.s.dollar                           mtpa        = million ton per annum              

cbm       =cubic meter                           tpa        =million metric ton per annu

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