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1.       到目前为止世畀上62% VLCC(30万吨油轮) 350艘已经是由远东船东所控制, 分柝家预测到2017年这个百分比将会提高到 75%.届时世界油轮业务和中介将会从伦敦移往远东.( 1).

VLCC focus shifts eastwards as Asian owners grab the baton

The London shipbroking community’s stranglehold on VLCC-chartering activity could soon be broken as Asian owners increasingly dominate the largest tanker sector.

There is no question that the balance of control in the VLCC market has already moved to the Far East. The question is when the London broking community will follow.

Data tabulated by the research department of Braemar Seascope indicates that ownership and operation of 350 of the worldwide fleet of 590 trading VLCCs is already in Asian hands. These figures do not include the 70 or so VLCCs with Middle Eastern and Indian owners that are generally committed to domestic oil-major parent’s own loading programmes.

Balance increasing in Asia’s favour

This balance is expected to increase in Asia’s favour given that out of the total number of VLCCs in service, 65 are older than 15 years and will most likely be phased out at some point over the next few years. This will be sooner rather than later if the markets continue to perform as dismally as today.

As it stands, a full 62% of the modern VLCC tonnage (less than 15 years of age) is under Asian control. Braemar Seascope points out that in five years’ time this percentage will swing even further if, as is generally expected, an additional 40 VLCCs are ordered by Asian owners for delivery between 2014 and 2017. This would result in 75% of VLCCs being controlled from that region.

Denis Petropoulos, executive director of Braemar Seascope, points out that not only has ownership and control of the world’s VLCC fleet shifted to Asia, so has much of the trade. This has caused many European shipowners to shift their ships into the Asian VLCC markets. Evidence of this trend was highlighted in February, when the AP Moller-Maersk-led Nova Tankers pool was established in Singapore. About half of the 37 tankers on the Nova fleet list this week belong to owners outside Asia.

“Asia will remain the most important geographical sector for dry and wet bulk-commodity shipping for the foreseeable future. Indeed, if changes to the control of tonnage are anything to go by, Asia’s importance will grow more significantly,” Petropoulos told TradeWinds.

Petropoulos notes that as the shipping markets have shifted to Asia, so have the big international shipbroking companies. “Brokers have moved to follow their clientele, following rather than settling the market,” he added.

New shipping clusters are taking shape in locations such as Dubai, Mumbai, Shanghai and Singapore, led by shipowners and commodity traders, and other shipping services are following along. As local expertise grows, the new clusters look less and less to the West for their lead and are establishing their own working practices. The largest shipbroking cluster in Asia is the Lion City.

Singapore lagging behind on VLCCs

Surprisingly then, Singapore has yet to establish itself as a VLCC broking centre in a significant way. Petropoulos estimates that a full 80% of the Asian VLCC tonnage is still brokered through London, with only the remaining 20% being done in Asia.

“Perhaps VLCC brokers are lagging the trend due to the strong legacy they have in the West,” said Petropoulos. Other tanker brokers in Singapore say breaking in to the VLCC sector is a tough nut to crack, describing it as being very much an old boys club based on historic relationships.

This will change as newcomers in the Asian VLCC trades have little time or use for “old boy” style relationships, and the Asian broking sector builds up its skills and expertise, something Petropoulos succinctly refers to as “The Knowledge”.

Most tanker-industry sources believe it is only a matter of time before the centre of gravity in VLCC-market broking moves eastward along with the business itself.

London, beware!

12 September 2012, 08:35 GMT

2.        马来西亚因国内船舶数量的减少,每年1000名海事训练学校出来的学生需要找船实习, 该国已成为海事实习生出口国, 提供世界各船务公司所需之高级海员(Officers)的来源. 这些学生于船上实习满一年后便可参加考试成为三副或三管轮. 这个措施将给其他船员供应国如菲律宾, 印度和中国带来竞争.

Malaysia now 'exporter' of maritime cadets      

Wednesday, 05 September 2012 | 16:30

Due to a limited number of ships in Malaysia, the country has now become an exporter of maritime cadets to international ships, said Marine Department director-general Datuk Captain Ahmad Othman.
"On a yearly basis, around 1,000 cadets from more than 30 maritime training institutions in the country need to clock in at least a year out at sea before they can take their qualification exams.
"There are currently 4,000 locally registered vessels, but only about half fulfill the criteria to take in cadets for training.
"Since there are not enough ships here to accommodate all the cadets, many must complete their training on international ships."
Ahmad added that many of those who completed their sea time on international ships usually went on to work overseas as well.
He said this after opening the simulator training course organised by the International Maritime Organisation at the Malaysian Maritime Academy (Alam) in Kuala Linggi, near here, yesterday. using simulators.
Alam chief executive officer David Fredrick said the academy was prou
For the first time in Malaysia, 24 participating maritime trainers from Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam are taking part in a five-day course to learn how to impart knowledge d to have been chosen as host for the course.
"Alam is ranked among the top 10 per cent of maritime training institutions in the world and offers a full range of maritime courses for prospective seafarers.
"During this course, trainers will get the chance to train on state-of-the-art simulators, including a full mission ship handling simulator, a full mission engine room simulator, a liquid cargo operation simulator and a distributed control system simulator to fulfill their training needs."
Source: New Straits Times

        3.   意大利船舶租贷和买卖中介行 Bancosta 2004年于北京成立, 雇员从4名增加到今天的50名另加6名实习生. 据公司负责人说该公司聘用中国国内中介精英予以六个月培训后成为雇员. 时也每年从上海海大和大连海大挑选毕业生进入公司为实习生.

Bancosta Beijing grows its own crop of brokers

Chinese broking talent is being nurtured through an in-house six-month programme with good results.

Bancosta Beijing is adding to its already large team of brokers, continuing a growth programme that relies almost exclusively on organic growth through developing young Chinese broking talent internally.


                                 1. -台风三巴于本月17日经冲绳岛北上. (2).

                                2. -台湾万海公司今年上半年业绩表示出色

3. -三个星期以来青岛矿砂石价格于本月12日首次跌破每吨百元美金大关.

4. -法国CMA CGM公司今年第二季已恢复盈利达 1亿7800.

5. -Clarkson预测今年世界货箱船业务上升约 5.5%.

6. -专家警告船东们应面对从中国航运放缓所带来的影响和后果.

7. -欧亚航线货运7月份下跌 13.2%, 船公司开始减少班期以保持运费, 目前每20尺箱为 $1324美元.

8. -淡水河谷公司为减轻船只过剩现象,已把10条旧的 VLOC 6亿美元卖给韩国 Polaris 公司.

9. -香港中燃供应公司从8月份开始已提供低磺(1%)之船用燃油.

10. -由法国BV 船级社所发给船级证书之船只己达一万艘或 9340 g/t.

11. -因西方大型豪华游轮之到来, 中韩之小型旧船己被迫行走二线港口.

12. -英国 P& O公司 “Arcadia” 号豪华游轮 150名印度籍服务员因薪金太低(每小时 $1.25美元) 集体罢工而被公司解雇.

13. -又有二条货轮在新加坡被扣留. 中国 Asias Shipmanagement “Sila” (2009)7600-dwt 所欠 $70,000美元维修费和马来西亚 Global Carrier公司之 “Budi Jasa” (2006) 12,600-dwt 所欠的燃料油帐$35,700美元.

14. -韩国现代集团以 1.994亿美元出售集团大厦为现代船务公司融资.

15. -从最近二条旧VLCC出售可反映到8年来价格之巨大变动:

“Tajimare”     (1996) 265,000-dwt, 2500万美元.

“Hampstead” (1996) 300,000-dwt, 2350万美元.

“Yeomaral”    (1989) 304,000-dwt, 2004年以 6200万美元售出.

二:造船 (Shipbuilding)

                   1. -浙江 Everbright Metal 公司向扬子江造船厂订造 4 82,000-dwt之干散船, 造价每条 2600万美元, 交船期为2014.

                   2. -中船集团准备向欧盟造船业者购买船舶设计公司.

                   3. -在上海A股上市之13家中国造船厂今年上半年共亏损 13亿美元.

      4. -壳牌(Shell)油公司有意向外长期租进20艘新造之 MR油轮, 但前提是Shell将得到租金保障不会受到市场波动之影响.

                   5. -沪东中华造船厂获得来自中石油和中海运合作之 6 174,000-cbm LNG新船订单.

                   6. -日本 Namura 造船厂为减低成本将并购倒闭之韩国造船厂.

                   7. -韩国电力公司 (KEPCO) 意欲长期租用10 15万吨海岬型船而发出征求书, 此举将引起新一轮之各造船厂的竞投.

三:港口 (Terminal)

                   1. -上海宁波和深圳港口货箱运作有所放缓.

                   2. -船东们己做好准备应付美国东岸和湾区码头工人可能发生之罢工.

四:海难 (Casualty)

                   1. -瑞士旗 “Arosa” (2002) 20,000-dwt上月29日避台风爱萨克 时于密西西比河Plaquemines 河段处搁浅, 但并无漏油或船员伤亡.

                  2. -去年 105日于新西兰 Tauranga港外海沉没之 “Rena” 货轮被判坐牢之菲律宾籍船长和二副于服刑三个半月之后被释.

                   3. -德国货轮 “Amsterdam Bridge” (2009) 4,380-teu本月9日于孟买外海货舱起火引起燃烧. 第二天大火被灾.

五:买卖/租贷         (S/P & Chartering)

1. S & P

-“Ore Goro”            (1994)    305845-dwt     usd   60.00M, S.Korean (10条中之一)

-“Orchid River”      (1997)    170896-dwt     usd   12.70M, Swiss Maritime

-“Brave Wind”        (1997)      71333-dwt   usd   10.50M, German

-“Nena F”                (1990)      42263-dwt   usd     3.30M, Bangladesh

-“Sal De America” (1985)      42129-dwt   usd     3.15M. Italian


                             -“Kassos Warrior”               (1986)    194744-dwt          usd   450/ldt, Bangladesh

                             -“Ocean Castle”                  (1990)    182711-dwt          usd   432/ldt, Bangladesh

                             -“Moseln”                             (1995)    122331-dwt           usd    410/ldt, India

                             -“Taiglory”                            (1988)      92578-dwt           usd    406/ldt, Bangladesh    

                             -“Sunny Viship”                   (1982)      61775-dwt           usd    322/ldt, China   

                             -“Zui Yoh”                             (1990)      44840-dwt           usd    425/ldt, India   

                             -“Taino Maiden”                  (1985)      23278-dwt           usd    420/ldt, Bangladesh

3. 本星期远东 2002年造二手船平均价值:

种类                                 油轮                                干散货轮                                 集装箱轮      (teu)_

船型               VLCC         Suezmax      Aframax    Cape    Pmax    Supramax     Handy         Pmax         Handy         Fmax_

吨位()             31                16              11            18         7..5          5                 3             4000          1400            750

升降(百分比)    3.7%            -4.0%           -0.6%       3.8%      -1.2%      -1.9%           0.0%        -0.4%          0.0%          -1.3%

4. Daily Summary of Baltic Exchange Dry Indices 2012.09.14

Baltic Exchange Dry              Index    BD        662  (-       1)

Baltic Exchange Capesize    Index    BPI      1204  (+      6)
Baltic Exchange Panamax    Index    BPI        502  (-     25)
Baltic Exchange Supramax   Index    BSI        834  (+      6)
Baltic Exchange Handysize  Index    BHSI      477  (+      2)


-“Ocean Lady”        (2009)        180362 dwt  dely Yantai 21/28 Aug trip via Dalrymple Bay redel China $2500 daily – Cargill

-“Angel”                 (2011)         175935 dwt  dely aps Black Sea 20/25 Sept trip redel Far East $26,500 daily -- cnr

-“Maritime Century” (2010)          95790 dwt  dely aps Indonesia 08/15 Sept trip redel Taiwan $5500 daily+$90000 bb  – NCS

-“Golden Enurer”     (2011)          79474 dwt  dely CJK 05/06 Sept trip via US Gulf redel S’pore-Jpn range $4500 daily – Toepfer

-“Baltia”                 (2005)          75776 dwt  dely Indonesia 02/06 Sept trip redel India $6600 daily +$145000 bb-- Flame

-“Fu Rong Fen”       (2011)          75581 dwt  dely aps Indonesia 01/09 Sept trip redel China $5750 daily +$90000 bb – Ever Hrmony

-“Zhehai 168”          (2011)          57014 dwt  dely Lanshan 07/08 Sept trip via Indonesia, int. nickel ore, redel N.China $7500 daily – cnr

-“Zhehai 521”          (2008)          54036 dwt  dely Xingang prompt trip redel SE Asia, intention steel, $6500 daily – cnr


-“Iron Beauty”         (2001) 164218-dwt  4-8    months        usd  8000/daily      Cargill

-“ROSCO Poplar”    (2008)   82331-dwt  5-10    months      usd  6900/daily      EdF

-“Atlantic Breeze”    (2004)   76267-dwt  4-8    months        usd  6800/daily      Cargill

-“Sunshine”   (2010)   75700-dwt  4-6    months        usd  8000/daily      Norden

-“Ataman”              (2001)   72867-dwt  3-7    months        usd  6500/daily      Norden

-“Alitis”                  (2002)   53094-dwt  2-4    months        usd  9000/daily      cnr

7. ORE

-“Winning Confidence”      (2005) 170000/10%, Port Hedland/青島     03/07  Sept     usd     7.80  fio,    sc/30000shinc   --  BHP Billiton

-“DHL  Pacific”                (2010) 160000/10%, Dampier/青島            05/09  Sept      usd     7.10  fio.    sc/30000shinc   --  Rio Tinto

-“Stella  Cherise”             (2010) 160000/10%, Tubarao/青島            16/20  Sept      usd   17.23  fio.    sc/30000shinc   --  Vale

-“Alpha Cosmos”             (2001) 160000/10%, Dampier/青島            16/19  Sept      usd     7.20  fio,    sc/30000shinc   --  Rio Tinto

-Tbn                                        160000/10%, Saldanha Bay/Koper 15/30  Sept      usd     7.50  fio     sc/25000sc        --  Elcano

-“Aigaion”                       (2004) 170000/10%, Seven Is./Rotterdam  25/9 – 09/10   usd      5.75  fio,    6 days shinc      --  TKS

-Tbn                                        160000/10%, Port Hedland/青島     25/27  Sept      usd     7.00  fio     sc/30000sc        --  FMG

2012/09/14 船用燃油价格(每吨/usd)

来源: Bunkerworld

                                IFO 380           __IFO 180            MDO           MGO   

新加坡                       692                     705                   988              998

鹿特丹                       666                     690                    -----             1003

            休士顿                        670                     709                    -----             1060


备注:        tbn         = to be named                       ldt          = light d/weight ton

usd        = u.s.dollar                           mtpa        = million ton per annum              

cbm       =cubic meter                           tpa        =million metric ton per annu

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