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Hudong Heavy Industries eyes self-design engine              东重工准备投资 7.24亿人民币于二年内研发中低速船用主机.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012 | 16:30


Hudong Heavy Industries, an engine manufacturing subsidiary of CSSC Group, plans to invest RMB724m in a “propulsion research platform” project which will be completed in two years.
The investment will be made through Hudong Heavy Industries’ subsidiary Hudong Heavy Industries Accessories Co which was established in 2010.
Hudong Heavy Industries said the company will achieve a complete research capability for its own branded mid-speed and low-speed marine engines upon completion of the project.
Source: Sino Ship

Chinese government set to pay owners to scrap old tonnage

中国政府将于年底行以金津贴船东拆掉旧船計划, 前提是拆船必需在国内进行. ( 1).

Beijing’s bureaucrats are preparing to put cash behind recent calls for a big cull of older tonnage.

China’s Ministry of Transport (MOT) is preparing to unveil a long-hoped-for incentive that will pay cash subsidies to Chinese owners for accelerated scrapping of their oldest ships.

Chinese Shipowners’ Association (CSA) secretary general Zhang Shouguo, whose group has long touted the measure on behalf of its members, tells TradeWinds the ministry is working out the details together with their counterparts in the finance ministry.

“We have asked the government to pay attention to the operation of older vessels, to put more pressure on such ships and get them off the market,” he said, explaining that in addition to subsidies, his members support tough regulation of both Chinese-flag tonnage and, through China’s Maritime Safety Authority, on foreign tonnage in Chinese port-state-control (PSC) inspections.

Zhang, a former MOT official, expects the subsidy programme to be given the go-ahead before the end of the year.

The planned demolition subsidies are meant not only to improve safety at sea and cut risks to the environment but also to help out struggling Chinese owners caught in a commercial double bind as they suffer the market-depressing effects of oversupply and yet cannot afford to dispose of their underpriced steel.

Higher subsidies will be awarded to relatively younger tonnage in order to encourage Chinese owners to take 20-year-old ships out of circulation.

‘Cash for clunkers’

Under the “cash for clunkers” scheme, subsidies will go only for the scrapping of Chinese-owned, Chinese-flag tonnage. But if Chinese owners take up the voluntary offer, the knock-on effect in cutting vessel oversupply will be felt internationally, as the measure covers globally-trading and not merely domestic-trading tonnage. Hong Kong-flag ships will not be eligible.

Ships will have to be scrapped in Chinese yards to earn the cash subsidies, something that will cut into the shipowners’ take as Chinese in-dock scrapping is more costly.

Precise numbers remain “a secret still”, says Zhang but he adds that transport and finance officials have arrived at a formula for calculating the subsidy. A base amount will be awarded for scrapping vessels 30 years old or older, with an additional increment for each year younger, down to the age of 20.

Zhang says Chinese yards have been enthusiastic supporters of the shipowner-sponsored measure.

By Bob Rust bob.rust@tradewindsnews.com

17 October 2012, 07:44 GMT

OSG in a very tight spot     美国老牌油轮公司 OSG (Overseas shipping Group) 拥有100条油轮 接连13季的亏损即将申请破产保护.

In June 2008, Overseas Shipholding Group (OSG) was trading near $87 a share, had a market capitalisation of more than $2bn and was able to talk about boosting its position as the biggest US-based shipowner with more than 100 vessels.

Founded in 1969, and New York-listed since 1973, it seemed the epitome of the rock-steady, bellwether public owner.

But after 13-straight loss-making quarters that saw its liquidity steadily shrink and talks turn to a deal with its banks, OSG watched the whole thing unravel in the past few weeks.

The resignation of a key director, a shares slide below $5 and, finally, Monday’s announcement of potential Chapter 11 bankruptcy have roiled the entire shipping market. C harter counterparties are as worried as OSG’s stock and bondholders about a potential fallout from potentially shipping’s biggest corporate failure in 20 years.

OSG’s banks — already said to be irritated by hardball negotiating tactics — are the only parties now able to save the owner from bankruptcy court, experts say. But with tax issues looming and lawsuits flying, will they and should they?

TradeWinds looks at how OSG got here and where it may be headed.

24 October 2012, 07:23 GMT 

Shanghai to open maritime investigation lab in 2013        上海将于明年成立上海海事安全委负责调查意外发生事件.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012 | 11:00

China's first laboratory devoted to investigating maritime accidents will open by the end of next year, the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration announced.
Investigators will use the laboratory, which has been under construction since Friday, to analyze the causes of serious accidents that involve the loss of lives and property, including ship collisions, explosions, oil spills and sinkings, the administration stated in a press release.
The laboratory will make investigating maritime accidents faster and more scientific, said Chen Xiaoguang, deputy director of the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration.
"In the past, we had to rely on personal judgments when dealing with a maritime accident," Chen told the Global Times. "It would take us a long time to go to the site of an accident to question the involved parties or to look for evidence from a video of the event. Once the laboratory is built, we will be able to use paint or trace analysis and accident simulation technology, all of which is faster and more objective."
He added that the laboratory will strengthen Shanghai's position as an international shipping center.
The administration is working with Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Maritime University on the laboratory. The universities signed an agreement Friday with the administration to share technology and train researchers.
The laboratory will run out of eight offices, all with a different specialization. The Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration will operate the four offices that specialize in paint and trace analysis, electronic evidence analysis, accident simulation, document identification and human factor analysis. Shanghai Jiao Tong University will run the two offices that handle material analysis and ship model testing. Shanghai Maritime University will deal with oil spill detection and analysis, and marine machinery and equipment examination.
Source: Global Times


                   1. -百年一遇之飓风桑迪(Hurricane Sandy) 上月29日傍晚在新泽西州登陆, 横扫美国東岸17个州帶来对地方巨大损失和600多万户人家失去用电. 因该飓风是从南向北正遇上南下冷空气而造成一边暴雨和另一边下雪的奇观故被称为 完美暴风” (Perfect storm). ( 2 & 3).


                   2. -印度矿砂石出口开始衰退从2010年的 9000万吨, 2011年的 6000万吨城到今年的 5000万吨.

                   3. -MOL对子公司 Daiichi Chuo注资 1.9亿美元.

                   4. -破产之韩国 OSM船务公司属下3 1985年造的汽车滾装船以每艘 300万美元卖给中国买家.

                   5. -中国船用燃料数量将每年增加 10%.

                   6. -中远和中海可能在亚欧航线上之航班合併.

                   7. -Hanjin和长荣在亚欧航线上退出 23%的船队.

                   8. -欧洲 P & I Club 准备提高保费 7.5%.

                   9. -新加波 NOL公司今年第三季转亏为盈达 5000万美元.

二:造船 (Shipbuilding)

              1. -韩国现代造船厂因台湾TMT公司退掉784062-dwt 干货船和2 263000-dwt VLOC 的单而亏损7300万美元.

                   2. -挪威 Norse Management公司向外高桥造船厂订造5 82000-dwt新船. 造价每条 2800万美元. 2014年交船.

                   3. -法国 Unishipping 向扬帆造船厂訂造4 39000-dwt干散船, 交船期2014/2015.

三:港口 (Terminal)

                   1. -淡水河谷可能和日本 JFE 钢铁公司合作尋找40万吨 VLOC 之卸货码头.

                   2. -婆罗洲西岸 Bintulu 港迎来二座新的 Panamax吊杆.

四:海难 (Casualty)

              1. -马来西亚货轮 “Shineline 8” (1990) 6457-dwt 上月于济州島附近沉没,10名船员被救, 5名失踪.

                   2. -印度油轮 “Pratibha Cauvery” (1981) 2980-dwt上月31月于 Chennai港外走锚后搁浅, 7名船员喪生.

                   3. -越南货轮 “Saigon Queen” (2006) 6500-dwt上月30日于斯里兰卡海外因甲板木材移动而翻船,4名船员包括船长失踪.

五:买卖/租贷         (S/P & Chartering)

1. S & P

-“Mathilde”              (1997)   160013-dwt       usd   12.30M, Greek

-“Santa Theresa”  (2006)     77171-dwt     usd   17.00M, Greek

-“Brave Star”           (2000)     73992-dwt     usd   10.80M, S.Korea

-“High Wind”          (1999)     45999-dwt     usd   12.20M, China

-“Ada”                      (1997)     45974-dwt     usd   15.00M, Far East

-“Rogue”                 (1991)     42223-dwt     usd     5.90M, China

-“CS Victory”           (2003)     32385-dwt     usd   11.00M, Greek

-“Clipper Victory”    (2007)     30570-dwt     usd   11.50M, Greek

-“Royal Ruby”          (1985)     27601-dwt     usd     2.80M, China


-“Dorado”                        (1988)      304707-dwt           usd   435/ldt, Pakistan

-“Nas Energy”                 (1987)      261724-dwt           usd   435/ldt, Pakistan 

-“Mellow Wind”               (1997)      170164-dwt            usd   420/ldt, India

                               -“Global Unity”                (1991)      147067-dwt             usd   380/ldt, China

                               -“Grand Anemi”               (1988)        76000-dwt            usd   342/ldt, China

                              -“Frio Poseidon”              (1989)        69611-dwt            usd   335/ldt, China    

                              -“Hua Jin Chun”               (1982)        64931-dwt           usd   340/ldt, China   

                             -“Xin Tong Hai”                (1981)        61335-dwt             usd   340/ldt, China   

                              -“Peng Yan”                     (1981)        60050-dwt             usd   340/ldt, China                                                             

3. 本星期远东 2002年造二手船平均价值:

种类                         油轮                               干散货轮                                    集装箱轮      (teu)_

船型               VLCC         Suezmax      Aframax    Cape     Pmax    Supramax     Handy         Pmax         Handy         Fmax_

吨位()             31                 16              11            18         7..5            5            3                4000           1400            750

升降(百分比)    -1.8%           -0.0%            0.0%        1.4%      -1.4%      -0.7%         -0.9%            -0.5%          1.1%          0.0%

4. Daily Summary of Baltic Exchange Dry Indices 2012.10.31

Baltic Exchange Dry              Index    BD       1026  (-    17)

Baltic Exchange Capesize    Index    BPI       2419  (-    39)
Baltic Exchange Panamax    Index    BPI         782  (-    10)
Baltic Exchange Supramax   Index    BSI         678  (-    11)
Baltic Exchange Handysize  Index    BHSI       429  (-      1)


-“Anangel Conqueror” (1996)         180000 dwt  dely Caofeidan 23/25 Oct trip via Australia redel China $20000 daily – Cargill

-“Anangel Guardian” (2010) 179701 dwt  dely psg Cape Town 03/05 Nov trip via Brazil redel S’pore-Jpn range $20000 daily – Oldendorff

-“Alpha Dignity”       (2011)         179246 dwt  dely Fangcheng 25/27 Oct  trip via Saldanha redel China, $21000 daily  – Oldendorff

-“Bulk Philippines”    (2011)           95000 dwt  dely Hongkong spot trip via Indonesia redel Hongkong $6000 daily  – cnr

-“Moon Breeze”       (2011)           91807 dwt  dely Zhuhai spot trip via Indonesia redel S.China $6000 daily – STX Pan Ocean

-“Betelgeuze”          (2007)           77053 dwt  dely Zhoushan spot  trip via EC Australia redel China $73500 daily – BHP Billiton

-“Maganari”             (2001)           75941 dwt  dely Nantong 18/20 Oct  trip via EC Australia redel China, $6800 daily  –  BHP Billiton

-“Hai Lang”             (1997)           71296 dwt  dely Rizhao 03/08 Nov trip via Vancouver BC redel China $7500 daily  – Sinotrans

-“Tenko Maru”         (2008)           58732 dwt  dely Nopac mid Nov trip redel SE Asia, int. grain,  $8100 daily + 325000bb  –  Fednav

-“Beks Cenk”          (2012)           57660 dwt  dely WC India spot trip via SE Asia, int. nickel ore, redel China $7000 daily  – cnr


-“K.Endeavour”       (2011) 179011-dwt   4-7        months   usd 13000/daily      Louis Dreyfus

-“Excel”                 (2012) 176000-dwt   10-14    months     usd 12500/daily      Oldendorff

-“Alpha Millenium”    (2010) 170000-dwt   5-8        months   usd   8000/daily     Oldendorff

-“Manousos P”        (2008)   82549-dwt  11-19    months     usd   7000/daily     Cargill

-“Oinoussian Lady”  (2004)   76700-dwt  4-6        months   usd   6750/daily     ABML

-“Maritime Anita”     (2000)   76000-dwt  10-15    months     usd   7700/daily     Swiss Marine

7. ORE

-Tbn                     160000/10%, Port Hedland/青島    31/10-05/11     usd    11.40  fio,    sc/30000shinc    --  FMG

-Tbn                     160000/10%, W.Australia/青島      13/22  Nov       usd    10.60  fio.    sc/30000shinc    --  Morgan stanley

-“Vogecarrier”(1996) 160000/10%, Tubarao/青島           end Oct            usd    23.00  fio.    sc/30000shinc    --  Oldendorff

-“Aquadona”  (1995) 160000/10%, Saldanha/青島        05/14  Nov       usd   17.00  fio      sc/30000shinc    --  Oldendorff

-“Global Talent” 2012) 160000/10%, Tubarao/青島          26/10-06/11     usd    21.00  fio,    sc/30000shinc    --  Oldendorff

-“Star Yandi” (1996) 160000/10%, Dampier/青島         24/30  Oct        usd      9.00  fio     sc/30000shinc    --  Rio Tinto

2012/11/01 船用燃油价格(每吨/usd)

来源: Bunkerworld

                                IFO 380           __IFO 180            MDO           MGO   

新加坡                       615                     625                   925              930

鹿特丹                       585                     610                    -----             940

            休士顿                        605                     665                    -----             1020


备注:        tbn         = to be named                       ldt          = light d/weight ton

usd        = u.s.dollar                           mtpa        = million ton per annum              

cbm       =cubic meter                           tpa        =million metric ton per annu

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