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非常不幸又一艘装有镍矿砂的货轮上月17日晚于南中国海靠近菲律宾之 Bolinao海岸沉没, 出事船只是巴拿马旗之‘Harita Bauxite’ (1983) 48,891-dwt在风浪中因主机故障而翻船沉没. 14名缅甸船员包括船长失踪,

余者被路过之 ‘Jin Cheng’号货轮救起. 该轮从印尼之 Obi港装载47,500吨镍矿砂前往中国, 专家疑是舱内镍矿砂液化所致. (如下图).


         Liquefied lateritic nickel ore – the discolouration on the bulkhead tells the story. Photo UK P&I Club

                                                                                         Thursday, February 21, 2013

Singapore bulk cariier Harita Bauxite sank in South China sea      

Posted on February 17, 2013, 1:44 pm

Philippine Coast Guard was alerted at 09:20 LT Feb 17 13 by a report from Chinese bulk carrier Jin Cheng (IMO 9244271, dwt 52961), which vessel rescued 10 people from two life rafts 22 miles off Cape Bolinao, north west Luzon, South China sea. 10 rescued Myanmar nationalities were from 24 crew bulk carrier Harita Bauxite, which sank some 12 miles off Bolinao coast on the night of Feb 17. Vessel en route from Obi, Indonesia, to Ningbo, China suffered engine failure and after that, experienced heavy rolling in rough weather. Most probably, vessel was loaded with either coal or ore, cargo has been shifted, and vessel capsized. Out of 10 rescued 1 was already dead or died later, 2 were injured. injured sailors were transferred tyo hospital by means of Coast Guard. 14 sailors are missing, search and rescue for them was on during the day Feb 17, and will resume with daylight Feb 18. Bulk carrier Harita Bauxite, IMO 8103664, dwt 48891, built 1983, flag Panama, manager OCEAN SENTINELS SHIPMANAGEMENT, Singapore.





 Ore Carrier Loss: Intercargo Press for Investigation           国际干散货物船东组织对近年来多次类似意外事件的发生要求有关当局应尽牛夫快调查和订出对策

Thursday, February 21, 2013

MV Harita Bauxite, a Handymax bulk carrier sank recently off Cape Bolinao with the loss of 14 of the 24 crew.
According to the Philippine's National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council a distress rocket signal was sighted by the MV Jin Cheng on 18, February, 2013 in the vicinity of Cape Bolinao, Bolinao, Pangasinan. Ten crew members were subsequently rescued by Jin Cheng and later taken to shore by helicopter. Reportedly the Harita Bauxite had sunk following (unspecified) engine trouble.
In response The International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners (Intercargo) has now called for an early casualty investigation following the tragic loss of the bulk carrier, and states as follows:
The Panama-registered, 1983-built handymax ship which was reportedly carrying a cargo of nickel ore from Obi, Indonesia to China, sank on the evening of 17 February after suffering engine failure, possibly during poor weather.
Although ten crew were rescued by a passing ship, 14 crew remain unaccounted for.
Secretary General of Intercargo, Rob Lomas said: “At this early stage, we cannot speculate about the cause of this sad incident but, the sudden loss of another bulk carrier in this region underlines the importance for the relevant authorities to quickly conduct their accident investigations so that the dry bulk sector can learn and apply any safety- related lessons from this tragedy, and help in future prevent this unnecessary loss of life”.

ClassNK Certifies World’s First Specially Built Nickel Ore Carrier    特别设计之装载镍矿砂货船

Oct. 13, 2012

Jules Garnier II. Photo: ClassNK

The maritime transport of nickel ore is no easy task. Nickel ore cargoes can liquefy during transport, drastically impairing the ship’s stability and safety, and these cargoes have been cited as the cause of four vessel casualties and the loss of 66 seafarers in 2010 and 2011. In fact, INTERCARGO has since named nickel ore “the world’s most dangerous cargo” and efforts are underway at the IMO to strengthen the International Maritime Solid Bulk Code (IMSBC), which regulates the loading and transport of bulk cargoes.

On Tuesday, Japanese classification society ClassNK announced that the world’s first specialized vessel for the transport of nickel ore has been built and registered to their class.

The vessel, named the Jules Garnier II, was built by Naikai Zosen Corporation and delivered to Japanese shipping major JX Shipping Co. Ltd on September 19, 2012, and is the first vessel in the world to be recognized as a Specially Constructed Cargo Ship for the carriage of Nickel Ore in accordance with the IMO’s IMSBC Code.

The ISMBC code currently requires that the moisture content (MC) of cargoes that may liquefy be tested prior to their loading onboard ships, and forbids non-specialized vessels from loading cargoes with an MC greater than the specified Transportable Moisture Limit (TML). However, questions have been raised about the testing procedures and validity of moisture content test results for nickel ore, and there is growing concern about whether nickel ore can safely be carried by standard vessels.

While the ISMBC code allows for these dangerous cargoes to be carried by “Specially Constructed Cargo Ships”, no definition or requirements for such vessels are included in the code itself.

In order to address this issue, ClassNK began carrying out independent research on the physical characteristics of Nickel Ore in 2009.

Based on this research, ClassNK developed the world’s first hull structure and stability requirements for building such “Specially Constructed Cargo Vessels” in 2011, and released them for use by the maritime industry as part of its Guidelines for the Safe Carriage of Nickel Ore in March 2012. These requirements have since been approved by the government of Panama and Japan for use in vessels flagged with their administrations. They have further earned the recognition of INTERCARGO as well as the wider maritime industry, and ClassNK was presented with the “Safety Award” at the Lloyd’s List Global Awards in September 2012 for its contribution to the safe transportation of nickel ore.

The 27,200 dwt Jules Garnier II is the first vessel in the world to apply ClassNK’s new requirements in its construction and makes use longitudinal bulkheads in its cargo holds to ensure stability and structural strength even when liquefied nickel ore cargoes are loaded. The ship’s design earned the approval of the Panamanian government in September 2012, and with its completion in the same month, is the first and currently only vessel to be certified as safe to carry liquefied nickel ore cargoes in line with the IMSBC code. The vessel is also the first to earn ClassNK’s new SCCS notation for safe carriage of nickel ore in recognition of its special construction.

Commenting on construction and registration of the vessel, ClassNK Operating Officer and Hull Department General Manager Mitsuhiko Kidogawa said: “With the completion of this vessel and the successful implementation of these new standards, we have realized an important step in our efforts to ensure the safety of vessels and their crews.”

“While this is an important achievement, we are continuing our research on nickel ore and other cargoes that can liquefy during transport, and we hope that we can develop methods for existing vessels to safely transport these dangerous cargoes, as well.”


                    1. -中方投资25亿美元从缅甸到昆明之油管将于今年6月开始运作, 预计每天可运油达44万桶. 这条油管的开通可减少对 VLCC 大型油轮的依赖和缩短从波斯湾经马六甲海峡的时间.

                   2. -苏彝士运河费用将提高 3-5% 此举将鼓历更多船只采取绕过好望角的航线.

                   3. -嘉年华公司旗下多艘游轮最近多次工生意外事件, 这对游轮业务将带来负面影响.

                   4. -德国 KG基金去年取消 86艘信用较差船只之贷款.

                   5. -淡水河谷公司2012年第4季共亏损27亿美元.

                   6. -4年前IMO在香港所提出之拆船公约迄今市没有得到任何会员国的签名.

                   7. -中远和 MSC二家公司在拆除旧船的记录领先世界同行.

二:造船 (Shipbuilding)

1. -沃洲矿业大亨 Mr.Olive Palmer 与金陵造船厂商谈重造泰坦尼克客轮, 如这合同成功的话将带领中国造船业进入建造大型豪华客轮之新纪元.

2. -韩国现代造船厂与越南造船厂于越南合作之造船厂上月18自交出第一条 82,000-dwt Kamsarmax 干散船给希腊之 St.Michael 公司.

3. -CIMC中国货箱制造公司有意订造 20 8,000-teu新船然后长期租给 MSC.

4. -世界最大粮商之一的Cargill公司有意订造海岬型新船重返船东业务.

三:海难 (Casualty)

1. -台湾货轮  ’ 万海 162 ’ (1996) 1,088-teu  上月25日于大阪附近撞沉二艘日本渔船.

2. -香港货轮 ‘Yong Tong’ (2001) 74,382-dwt 22日于直布罗陀外海主机发生故障被拖入港内修理.

四:港口 (Terminal)

1. -招商局以4亿欧元购买 Terminal Link 公司49% 的股杈, 该公司于 8个国家佣有15个码头, 招商局可从此渠道伸展业务到更多的地方.             

                               2. -淡水河谷于非洲之莫三鼻港因豪雨而停工, 公司宣布  ’不可抗拒之条例而避免停工引起之赔偿.                                        

五:买卖/租贷         (S/P & Chartering)          

1. S & P                                                               

-New ship-resale          (2013)       75000-dwt       usd    21.50M,

-“Amfalos”                       (1990)       71749-dwt       usd      4.60M,

-“Valparaiso”                  (1998)       44500-dwt        usd    20.00M, (4 ships enbloc)

-“Pacific Rich”                 (1986)       40864-dwt        usd      3.00M,

-“Pacific Partner”            (2004)       105546-dwt      usd    19.50M,

-“Atlantic Lombardia”     (2000)         35841-dwt     usd    10.30M,

-“Sea Crystal”                  (2010)         17602-dwt     usd     34.00M, (2 ships enbloc)


-“Brilliance”                         (1990)     149349-dwt          usd   430/ldt, Bangladesh

-“Aalborg”                           (1983)       37425-dwt           usd   442/ldt, India               

                               -“Renate Schulte”              (1994)        20275-dwt          usd   445/ldt, India

                               -“Bebedouso”                     (1986)       14540-dwt         usd   425/ldt, Turkey

3. 2013.02.28远东 2003年造二手船平均价值:

种类                             油轮                          干散货轮                           集装箱轮    (teu)_

船型           VLCC     Suezmax     Aframax    Cape     Pmax     Supramax   Handy      Pmax      Handy   Fmax

吨位()           31           16             11            18         7..5            5            3             4000       1400       750

升降(百分比)  0.0%       -0.4%          0.0%        -0.5%     -0.0%       -0.7%         0.0%        0.0%     0.0%      0.0%


来源: Bunkerworld

                                IFO 380           __IFO 180            MDO           MGO   

新加坡                       628                     634                   938              948

鹿特丹                       610                     632                   -----              930

            休士顿                        617                     680                   -----              1005


备注:        tbn         = to be named                       ldt          = light d/weight ton

usd        = u.s.dollar                           mtpa        = million ton per annum              

cbm       =cubic meter                           tpa        =million metric ton per annu






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