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Fire on boxship Hansa Brandenburg update.
On July 16 13 Leonhardt & Blumberg, manager of the boxship ‘Hansa Brandenburg’, confirmed fire on board of the vessel, but still, no details available. Company said vessel is some 200 nautical miles NE of Mauritius. Last Satellite AIS, provided by vesseltracker.com, was dated July 14. Situation may be serious.
First news:
Fire on board of container ship ‘Hansa Brandenburg’ (2003) 1,740-teu, Indian ocean
Fire erupted on board of container ship ‘Hansa Brandenburg’ on July 15 2013, no other details available. Last AIS signal dated July 14 13 around 05:00 near position 15 19S 069 40E, 700 nautical miles east of Mauritius, Indian ocean. Vessel is en route from Singapore to Durban, South Africa
Container ship Hansa Brandenburg, IMO 9236236, dwt 23493, capacity 1740 TEU, built 2002, flag Liberia, manager Leonhardt & Blumberg, Germany.



Bills of Lading Become Problem                  专家警告因船用提单的诈骗和更改的案件不断发生, 船东们和物流公司为此损失惨重. 提单是一份公正的文件, 业者和有关方面必需了解它的内容和运作以免被骗.

Jul 01, 2013, 3:06PM EST

Fraud, malpractices and other prevalent offenses associated with bill of lading take center stage at the workshop on ‘Bill of lading & Disputes’
The mounting problems caused in relations to the Bills of Lading (B/L), an important document in the EXIM Trade, have been a matter of concern. Many importers, exporters, freight forwarders,
shipping agents, carriers, other transporters etc., have lost millions of dollars often because there is a tendency to take things for granted not aware about the innumerable pitfalls and the fraudulent practices that exists when dealing with B/Ls. It is common knowledge that the path between the exporters and the importers by which cargoes move can often be treacherous. 

Bills of lading present numerous opportunities for fraudsters to manipulate the commodity trades. These opportunities arise because of the unique range of functions that such bills perform.

B/L is a legal document between the shipper of a particular good and the carrier detailing the type, quantity and destination of the goods being transported and which also serves as a receipt of shipment when the goods are delivered to the predetermined destination.

In order to avoid risks operators must arm themselves with a wealth of practical knowledge on documentary credits, incoterms, transport documents, chartering, trade frauds and cargo insurance. Transport got regulated over the years and how the Hague Rules, 1924, Visby Protocol, 1968, Hamburg Rules, 1978, the UN Convention on Multimodal Transport of Goods, 1980 and the Rotterdam Rules, 2009 came into being and the liabilities they carry.

Touching upon the various types of frauds and malpractices that are prevalent, he mentioned that among the common ones were mis-deliveries, delivery against forged BL, non-compliance of legal requirements, substitution of the cargo with junk, mis-declaration of hazardous goods as non-hazardous, claim for short-delivery from container with seal intact and limitation of liability on weight basis. There were other instances of material received in damaged condition.

Consolidation around the corner for smaller carriers       因大型船只的到来, 中小型船只将失去竞争力和生存空间它们的船东最终会被迫合并.

Jul 03, 2013, 5:54AM EST

Unit cost savings of the mega container ship operators will make it impossible for smaller carriers to compete on many trades.
The imminent arrival of Maersk Line’s new 18,000 TEU Triple-E class vessel has the world’s shipping analysts all chatting about capacity and the over supply of it.

Market fundamentals are no longer the driving force behind the orders, Drewry assures us (were they ever, you wonder?). One of the main reasons is that ships are a heck of a lot cheaper than they used to be.

Drewry reckons CSCL paid 26 percent less for each of its five 18,400 TEU ships than Maersk Line paid for its 20 18,000 TEU vessels. That’s gotta hurt.

Over at Alphaliner, the market watcher said in its weekly newsletter that the top 21 carriers have added 892,000 TEUs in capacity in the last 12 months, a year-on-year growth of 6.3 percent at a time when trade growth and port throughput is slowing. So the continuing rate erosion should come as no surprise, even with announcements of the rate increases of July 1 and   August 1. 2013.

Without the lower unit costs, smaller carriers will not be able to compete, and keeping up with the big boys will not be a viable option. Their role may gradually change to serving niche trades or feeder operations, and there will not be enough business to go around.  It looks like the industry is finally heading for consolidation

GE delivers LNG carriers to China      美国通用公司已将南通造船厂所订,用于 6174,000立方米 LNG船之第一部双用柴电主机运到上海.

Friday, 19 July 2013 | 16:30

The first electrically propelled LNG carriers to be built in China will incorporate power and propulsion systems developed and built by GE’s Power Conversion business.


Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group, part of the China State Shipbuilding Corporation, has signed contracts with GE for the supply of power and propulsion systems for six LNG carriers that it will build in its shipyard in Shanghai for major Asian shipping companies, including China Shipping Group and Sinopec Kantons Holdings. The LNG carriers, which will be used for transporting LNG from Australia to China, will be delivered between April 2016 and November 2017. Each LNG carrier is 174 000 cubic meters.


The decision to use dual-fuel diesel-electric (DFDE) propulsion for the new LNG carriers is a turning point in propulsion systems for large LNG ships built in China. Up until now, LNG carriers have used either steam turbines or two-stroke engine technology. The use of electrical propulsion technology for the LNG carriers is more efficient and presents less of a burden on the environment due to lower fuel consumption and emissions. DFDE drive systems also are more compact than alternatives, enabling the LNG carriers to hold more cargo.


Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group said: “These important contracts for our next-generation LNG carriers mark the beginning of a new relationship with GE’s Power Conversion business.”
GE will supply induction motors with PWM propulsion technology driven by electricity generated from high-efficiency ‘dual-fuel’ engines that can run on natural gas, marine diesel gas or heavy fuel oil. The combination of dual-fuel engines, which can use boil-off gas from the carrier’s LNG tanks, and GE’s electrical variable-speed drives, presents a proven solution that is now commonly used on LNG carriers.

For each LNG carrier, GE will supply two propulsion systems comprising of generators, main and cargo switchboards, transformers, MV7000 converters, motors and remote control. GE is responsible for design, engineering, commissioning, training and assistance for sea and gas trials.
China Shipping Group’s Director, President Captain Xu Lirong said: “China Shipping is confident in the choice to partner with GE. This is our first LNG carrier, and working with a strong partner like GE helps ensure the lifetime of the vessel.”
Source: Energy Global


         1. -郑州到欧洲之铁路经于 718日开通, 从新疆之阿拉山口市出境途中经哈萨克, 俄罗斯, 白俄罗斯,波兰抵汉堡全程共16-18天较海路缩短15.

                 2. -欧洲三大集装箱船公司前天开会研究如何应对 18,000-teu 新船带来的影响.

                3. -希腊船东们捐款6亿英镑帮助政府渡过难关.

                4. -日本三大公司因调整经营方式, 均己转亏为盈:

     NYK                   今年第一季        盈利 3.07亿美元

     MOL                  今年第一季        盈利 1.47亿美元

  K Lines             今年第二季        盈利 0.70亿美元

                5. -中国今年前半年原油进口量平均为每天 557万桶,同比下降 1.4%.

                6. -中缅油气管经己开始运作如顺利的话每天可运送44万桶原油.

                7. -ITF (国际交通工人协会) 今年颁发第100个奖学金给巴基斯海事学院 (PMA)老师 Rani Khan女士前往瑞典世界海事学院(WMU) 进修硕士学位.

二:造船 (New Building)

       1. -专家们认为目前世界港口己可容纳 18,000-teu 新船, 所以并不排除20,000-teu的研发.

2. -中海所订造之 18,200-teu 新船, 每艘造价较马士基便宜 20%, 装货量多出 200个箱位.

3. -挪威上市之 Scorpio船务公司向中国三大造船厂 (澄西, 大连和南通)订造 11+3 61,000-64,000-dwt 干散船, 每条 2,700万美元, 交船期 2015-2016.

4. -OOCL公司向三星订造之十艘13,208-teu新船, 其中第六条 ‘NYK Hermes’ 上月交船给租家NYK.

5. -广州黄埔获得订单建造二座 R-550-D型海上钻油井.

6. -加拿大轮船公司 (CSL)向澄西造船厂订造 4条自动卸货船和2条大湖型干散船.

7. -加拿大 Algoma公司向南通造船厂订造 4条自动卸货船和2 Equinox型干散船.

8. -中远公司第二条 28,000-dwt重吊船 ‘Da Kang’号经己加入服务.

三:港口 (Terminal)

-深圳港今年上半年货箱运作量为1,100万箱位, 纪录己超过香港.

四:买卖/租贷         (S/P & Chartering)          

1. S & P                                                               

-“Spring Ocean”             (2005)       82787-dwt usd      18.50M,

-“Fortune Island”            (2008)       82331-dwt usd      22.50M,

-“Yantian Sea”                (1995)      44821-dwt usd        6.80M,

-“Princess Aliel”              (2000)       28463-dwt usd      11.00M,

-“Great Creation”            (1998)       27383-dwt usd        6.20M,

-“Sea Bell”                        (2000)       24997-dwt usd        6.00M,

-“Pacific Polaris”             (2004)       47999-dwt usd      17.00M,

-“Atlantic Livadia”           (1999)       35841-dwt usd        7.00M,

-“STX Knight”                  (2009)       15065-dwt usd      12.70M, 


-“CSL Stefanie”               (1993)          47500-dwt             usd   440/ldt, India

                             -”Canarise Princess”       (1985)          42842-dwt              usd   420/ldt, Bangladesh

                             -“Malyovitza”                       (1993)          24184-dwt            usd   389/ldt, India

                             -“Morning Star”                 (1983)           21353-dwt                usd   380/ldt, Bangladesh

                             -“Hoegh Transit”             (1983)           17650-dwt        usd   320/ldt, China

3. 2013/08/01    远东2003年造二手船平均价值:

种类                       油轮                            干散货轮                           集装箱轮         (teu)

船型        VLCC   Suezmax   Aframax   Cape   Pmax   Supramax    Handy    P/Pax    Pmax    Handy   

吨位()             31          16           11          18         7.5            5           3         6500     4000      1400  

价值(万美元)    -2.2%    0.0%     -1.3%    -0.5%     -1.4%    -0.7%     -1.5%    0.0%   0.0%    0.0% 


来源: Bunkerworld

                                IFO 380           __IFO 180            MDO           MGO   

新加坡                       592                     602                   912              917

鹿特丹                       598                     623                   -----              883

            休士顿                        590                     635                   -----              995


备注:        tbn         = to be named                       ldt          = light d/weight ton

usd        = u.s.dollar                           mtpa        = million ton per annum              

cbm       =cubic meter                           tpa        =million metric ton per annu

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