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Sep 25, 2013 03:15 PM

by Larissa Dillman

‘Costa Concordia’  hoisted to upright position       去年113日翻沉之意大利协和号客轮经18个月时间, 8亿美元打捞费和最复雜的工程,已于上月17日清晨被扶正.

updated 10:09 AM EDT, Tue September 17, 2013

The 952-foot half-submerged cruise ship Costa Concordia was slowly pulled upright in a 19-hour salvage operation on Sept. 16. ‘Costa Concordia’ capsized off the Italian island of Giglio 20 months ago, on Jan. 13, 2012, in a disaster that killed 32 people.

The procedure of pulling the ship upright, known as parbuckling, was completed using more than 50 giant chains and winches, according to the BBC. Caissons full of water were attached to the sides of the vessel to help stabilize it, and will eventually be emptied of the water to give the ship flotation so it can be towed away.

The salvage is a joint operation between Titan Salvage, owned by Crowley Maritime Corp., and the Italian marine contractor Micoperi. The salvage has cost over $800 million so far.

Costa Concordia now rests on a platform that was constructed on the sea floor.

Friday, 27 September 2013 | 21:00

Freighter sails through Northwest Passage from Canada to Europe  货轮 ‘NordicOrion’上月初从加拿大之溫哥华港穿过西北航道开往欧洲. 此乃北极冰块开始溶化后第一艘大型货轮实现航海人百年来之梦想.


A large sea freighter completed a voyage through the hazardous Arctic Northwest Passage for the first time on Friday as global warming opens routes that mariners have wanted for centuries.

The 75,000-dwt ‘Nordic Orion’, built in 2011, left the Canadian Pacific port of Vancouver in early September with a cargo of coking coal and is scheduled to arrive in the Finnish port of Pori on October 7, according to AIS shipping data.

"The Northwest Passage is more than 1,000 nautical miles shorter than the traditional shipping route through the Panama Canal and will save time, fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but even more importantly increase the amount of cargo per transit 25 percent," said Nordic Bulk Carriers, the Danish owner of the ship.

The 225 metre long Nordic Orion, a panamax-sized ship, has a strengthened bulk to cope with floating ice.

It is currently off the western coast of Greenland, where it let a Canadian Arctic adviser on board at Nuuk in Greenland, its operator said.

The vessel is to deliver the coal to Ruukki Metals, a Finnish steel producer.

Source: Reuters (By John McGarrity and Henning Gloystein, editing by Jane Baird)

MSC to Challenge Maersk Line as Top Carrier      地中海船务公司意欲挑战马士基成为世界货箱船公司龙头地位.

Sept. 17, 2013 10:05AM EDT

Mediterranean Shipping Co. will challenge Maersk Line as the world’s biggest ocean carrier over the coming four years, as it boasts the biggest order book for new vessels, according to industry analyst Alphaliner.

With new orders totaling 572,000 20-foot-equivalent units since 2009, Swiss-based MSC will narrow the gap with Maersk Line from 250,000 TEUs to less than 100,000 TEUs within four years. Alphaliner expects the current top 5 carriers – Maersk, MSC, CMA CGM, Evergreen and Cosco – to maintain their rankings through September 2016.

Recent orders by Yang Ming Line and United Arab Shipping Company for new tonnage of 14,000 TEUs to 18,000 TEUs will propel them up the rankings, with the Taiwanese carrier set to jump from 14th to 10th and the Kuwait-based line set to jump from 19th to 14th – assuming none of their new ships are chartered out. Germany’s Hapag-Lloyd is set to drop from the sixth position to the eighth, while APL is forecast to rise to sixth from eighth at present. Israeli carrier Zim is seen dropping to 20th from 17th. Alphaliner’s projections are based on carriers’ current fleet and order book and assume the return of ships that are currently chartered out.

While there will be shifts in carrier rankings, there are no signs of consolidation through mergers or any of the top 20 lines exiting the industry in the near future, Alphaliner noted. There was speculation that the decision by MISC Berhad to quit container shipping in 2012, following mounting losses and rising investment costs in ever larger vessels, would herald a wave of consolidation as smaller lines merged or followed the Malaysian carrier out of the business.

“However, if the recent spate of new container ship ordering by several top 20 carriers is any indication of the carriers’ intentions to ensure their long-term survival in the sector, then consolidation remains a distant hope,” Alphaliner said.

Eighteen of the top 20 carriers have placed orders for new container tonnage, totaling 344 vessels with an aggregate capacity of 3.4 million TEUs since 2009, valued at $34.1 billion. Only two of the top 20, Zim and Japan’s NYK Line, have not contracted for new ships in the past four years.


1. -9月26日为国际海员日.
2. -大连长兴岛之拆船厂场所已获得 NKK船级社所发之世界第二张符合国际拆船标准之证书.
3. -台风‘天兔’ (Usagi) 9月22日19:40于广东汕尾登陆, 风力达 14级.
4. -中石油在委内瑞拉国购进价值 14亿美元之油田,每天产量可达20万桶.
5. -委内瑞拉目前向中国输出之原油为每天62万桶.
6. -新疆生产建设兵团以 26亿美元购进烏克兰300万公顷良田.
7. -意大利威尼斯水城在9月23日一天内迎来 23艘豪华客轮和4万名遊客.
8. -阿根廷今年粮食丰收达 1,200万吨. 美国2013年收成同比上升40%.二个国家的丰收正好补上中国因旱涝造成之缺口.
9. -印度旗船队2012年在该国每年从国外进口各种货物和原料所承运之数量仅占10%. 上世纪90年代为33%.
10. -巴西1-8月矿砂口出口量为 1.79亿吨同比下降 4.8%.
11. -中国为制造不锈钢于2012年共进口镍矿砂7,280万吨, 占世界89%.
12. -南京油轮在告股东文件中宣布连续四年亏损.
13. -世界历史最悠久之海事组织 ’国际船舶中介者协会’ (International Chartered Shipbrokers)9月24日于加拿大温哥华举行年会欢迎来自全球之 200名新会员.

二:造船 (New Building)
1. -台湾裕民船务公司获得日本艮行贷款8,110万美元向大島造船厂订造 4条84,000-dwt新船.
2. -亚洲各大造船厂应做好准备迎接高科技和高端新船的订单.
3. -日本造船业新船订单有下滑趨势, 从今年6月的31艘, 7月32艘到8月的15艘.
4. -希腊 Chandris船务公司向韩国大宇造船厂订造 2艘 LR2型油轮.
5. -台湾 Wisdom Marine公司向日本订造 2条Panamax型新船, 每条造价3,000万美元.

:港口 (Terminal)

1. -在海上发生火灾央及20个货箱之以色列货轮 ‘Zim Rotterdam’ (2010) 10,062-teu916 停靠于DP World公司伦敦 Gateway货箱码头进行卸货和维修.


据日本共同社927日报道,27日凌晨125分左右,日本东京都伊豆大岛附近海域发生撞船事故,名古屋市一家公司旗下货船18荣福丸”(排水量 498)与西非塞拉利昂籍货船嘉惠(2962)相撞并侧翻。目前已造成至少518荣福丸号的船员死亡,嘉惠号的中国籍船长正在接受当局调查

发时,嘉惠号上有12名中国籍船员和1缅甸籍船员,但无人伤亡。日本海上保安厅称,嘉惠虽然是塞拉利昂 籍,但是根据国际航运网站MarineTraffic.com与中国航运在线网站资料显示,嘉惠号是在2004年于中国建造,曾名金利达1”, 3月易名嘉惠号,事发时,嘉惠号正在从日本神奈川县川崎港出发运载废铁驶往韩国釜山港的途中


五:买卖/租贷         (S/P & Chartering)

1. Dry bulker (one year) charter rate (2013 week #39):
Type  Deadweight tons  This week(usd)   Last week   Low 2013    High 2013

Capesize   150,000      17,500     
     17,500     7,600    17,500
Capesize   170,000      22,000           22,500     9,100    22,500
Panamax     75,000      12,800           11,200     7,000    11,200
Handysize   53,000      10,250            9,500     8,300    10,200

2. S & P  

Bulker:  -“Yangzhou Dayang”   (2014)   63500-dwt       usd      26.50M,

              -“Santa Ursula”            (2012)   61452-dwt       usd      30.50M,

              -“Pacific Eternity”        (2004)   46683-dwt       usd      16.00M,

              -“Union Bay”                 (2006)  32354-dwt        usd      16.35M,

              -“Voge Felix”                 (1997)   24279-dwt       usd        6.00M,


Tanker:  -“Eagle Vision”                (2004)       306999-dwt        usd      40.00M,

                -“Hellespoint Tatina”      (1999)       105535-dwt        usd        9.50M,

                -“KWK Esteem”               (2000)       105342-dwt        usd      11.50M,

                -“SPP Saceon 5123”      (2014)         50300-dwt       usd      37.75M,

               -“Champion Star”            (1991)         45998-dwt        usd        6.00M,

               -“Dawn”                             (1995)         11668-dwt        usd        5.00M,


              -“Maran Taurus”              (1993)       301686-dwt          usd   410/ldt, Pakistan

              -“Sierra Guardian             (1996)         48794-dwt          usd   358/ldt, China

              -“Caribbean  Sea”            (1992)         46975-dwt          usd   428/ldt, India

              -“Kind  Fountain”              (1983)         31774-dwt          usd   366/ldt, China

               -“Navigator M”                 (1981)         28653-dwt          usd   400/ldt, India

               -“Acacia N”                      (1978)          23193-dwt          usd   382/ldt, India

. 2013/10/01    远东2003年造二手船平均价值:

种类                       油轮                            干散货轮                           集装箱轮         (teu)

船型        VLCC   Suezmax   Aframax   Cape   Pmax   Supramax    Handy    P/Pax    Pmax    Handy   

吨位()             31          16           11          18         7.5            5           3         6500     4000      1400  

价值(万美元)     -0.3%     +0.0%     +0.6%     -0.8%      +0.7%     -1.8%      +0.0%    -0.4%   +0.0%    +1.3% 


来源: Bunkerworld

                                IFO 380           __IFO 180            MDO           MGO   

新加坡                       605                     615                   897              907

鹿特丹                       591                     613                   -----              892

            休士顿                        607                     650                   -----              992


备注:        tbn         = to be named                       ldt          = light d/weight ton

usd        = u.s.dollar                           mtpa        = million ton per annum              

cbm       =cubic meter                           tpa        =million metric ton per annu

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