VFB #122 - 我国将研发60万吨船 2011.06.01

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一:头条新闻 (Headline news)

贸易风周刊 0520              当世界第一艘最大铁矿船 VLOC  “Vale Brazil” 号上星期从巴西装好 39万铁矿石开往亚洲时, 我国太平洋造船集团董事长梁小雷先生宣布该集团有意研发一种史无前例超大型巨无霸 60万吨的干散船. 但目前之挑战是扩建码头容纳巨无霸大船. ( 1 & 2).


Sinopacific plans super-giant bulker 

An enormous 600,000-dwt ship is on the drawing board but the challenge is to get ports ready to accommodate such a monster.

Plans for a 600,000-dwt monster bulker are being drawn up in China as the shipping industry continues its pursuit of bigger and bigger vessels.

Engineers at Sinopacific Shipyard Group are studying how a ship that is 50% bigger than the world’s current largest could be constructed.

Yard boss Simon Liang says building the ship is the “easy” part, as he also set in motion plans that could see the supply chain between China, Brazil and Africa radically overhauled.

The prospect of a 600,000-dwt vessel would heighten concern among pundits who have warned about the crippling effects of overcapacity. However, it is thought that it may appeal to Chinese shipowners desperate to break into the long-distance market.

 “We are building the ports so we are developing the shipping side of the logistics concept,” he explained.

He says the 600,000-dwt vessel is still at the “concept” stage but that his best engineers are analysing plans that could see it become a reality.

“We have our own in-house engineers who are working on this. Developing the ship is no problem as we have an internal design company.

From a technical point of view, this is not difficult,” he said. “The difficult part is developing the infrastructure — particularly deepwater ports — and how to move large volumes of goods much more efficiently.”

One shipowner who met with a team from Sinopacific and discussed the vessel says it seems to be aimed at Chinese owners.

 “Chinese ports can handle vessels of 600,000 dwt. It is only at the loading ports in Brazil where there is a restriction of 400,000 dwt.”

贸易风周刊 0520日社论   鉴于世界海岬型船队过盛的今天, 太平洋造船厂突然提出建造超巨型干散船的计划, 它是疯狂或具有前瞻性?

‘Ultra-bulker’ plan mad or visionary?

Sinopacific’s Simon Liang is studying plans for a 600,000-dwt monster bulker that would be 50% bigger than the current crop of very large ore carriers (VLOCs).

Are the plans — which we report today — madness? Or are they far-sighted genius?

On the face of it, who would be interested in ordering such “ultra-large ore carriers” when the charter market for capesize bulkers and larger has sunk to below break-even levels, with little sign of volatility or life?

More than 100 VLOCs over 230,000 dwt are already set to be delivered over the next four years, according to broker Lorentzen & Stemoco, including 18 sisterships to the 402,000-dwt Vale Brazil, which on delivery recently to Vale entered the record books as the largest bulker in service.

Surely there can be little appetite for more? Perhaps there can be, since to look at the market merely with a short-term view of freight rates would be myopic in the extreme.

Vale’s splash with its incoming fleet of “Chinamaxes” is already being credited — or blamed, depending on your position — with altering the fundamental economics of the long-haul bulk trades.

But greater change is possible. Liang points out that while Brazil’s ports are currently limited to 400,000-dwt ships, some Chinese ports could in theory take vessels up to his 600,000-dwt maximum, which would clearly improve efficiency.

中央国际4                    520日于集美学村龙舟池举行之 2011年端午节龙舟比赛. ( 3, 4 & 5).



贸易风周刊 0516-31

1. -因运费跌到每天5700元美金,远低于经营成本Zodiac Maritime现有5 Capesize 船正在等待租约.

2. -P & I Club 发出通告一种从巴西出口名叫 Sinter feed的镍矿砂, 于航程中液化引起危险.

3. -DNV 向船东们发出警告世界船队安全正在下降,而应提高水准以确保安全.

4. - Capesize 船东们因运费低迷束手无策时, 拥有 6 Capesize之青島 Winning 船务公司用自己之船装自己之货而无后顾之忧.

5. -淡水河谷从韩国大宇接过之第一条 40万吨 VLOC  “Vale Brazil”, 已于上星期在巴西装好 39万吨铁矿石开往亚洲.

         希腊船务日报 0516-31

                   1. -MOL公司在他们菲律宾船员训练中心装配最新船舶操纵模擬器培训VLOC等大型船只之高员.

                  2. -大中华将426日成立之亚洲/美西航线一分為二.

第一条   香港-盐田-宁波-上海-长堤-香港 2 2700-teu 负责承运

第二条   厦门-香港-盐田-长堤-奥克兰-厦门       2 2500-teu负责承运

3. -油轮市场仍然不容乐观. 主要后因是供过于求目前世界共有 548 VLCC 420 Suezmax油轮.

4. -Kongsberg 现已提供新型 ECDIS (电子海图) 模擬训练以符合新 STCW 之要求.

5. -IMO 5/11-5/20会议中己完成所提之议程其中包括海盗预防和救艇生改善.

6. -Intercargo 组织发出警告有关寄货者未能依实填报舱单将对船舶帶来极大危险.

7. -印度政府有意安插退休海军官兵于商船之上抵御海盗.

8. -德国 Beluga 公司最大债主美国上市之Oaktree将得來之24条船另组新公司 Hansa Heavy Lifts.

9. -我国煤炭进口量将从今年的 9000万吨增加到 2015年的 2亿万吨.

10. -因巴西提高出口和我国减少进口, 未来之3个月铁矿砂价钱将有所下降.

劳氏船务 0516-31

1, -印尼煤炭对外出口的增加给 Supramax 型船只帶來转机.

2. -中国以每天32000美元租金和 3年合约向马来西亚 MISC 公司租用2 VLCC.

3. -在太平洋地区每批 6-7万吨货物都有3 Panamax 在争夺.

4. -Rio Tinto 今年向中国出口之铁矿石已破一亿万吨.

5. -印度生产力虽然提高但因政府官样文章和官司而阻止港口发展和货物出口.

6. -法国造船厂面对订单於减少正在争扎求生存.

7. -专家建议船舶设计者应注重主机如何省油而非提高装载力.

8. -挪威中介行 Lorentzen & Stemoco 预测到今年年底将有 100 Capesize 船只被送往拆船厂.

二:造船 (Shipbuilding)

         1. -中国船舶基金 (China Ship Fund) 和希腊之 Golden Union 合作向鎔盛造船厂订造 14 76000-dwt 干散船, 造价每条 3200万美元, 2012-2013年交船.

         2. -山西煤炭公司扩大船条运输再次订造4 47500-dwt 干散船, 交船期为 2012-2013. 该公司现有 5 Panamax , 船队由子公司 Taihang 船务公司经营.

         3. -长荣投资10亿美元向台湾中船订造 10x8000 teu 新船. 该公司去年曾分二次向三星订造 20x8000 teu新船.

    4. -挪威Odense造船厂因 Maersk Line10 18,000-teu新船合约移给韩国而准备结束. 据说厂中工具将由中国造船厂承购.

        5. -新加坡经营农业籽子油之 Wilmar 船务公司向浙江金海订造 1+1 82000-dwt Kamsarmax 型干散船, 每条 3200万美元, 2012年交船. 该公司现有 19条化油油轮和4条成品油轮.

         6. -NYK 将由川埼船厂在运车船 “Auriga Leader”安装太阳能/传统之合并主机.

         7. -CMA CGM 准备把他们在韩国所订之 3 13800-teu新船载量提高到 16000-teu.

三:海难 (Casualty)

         1. -法国货轮 “CMA CGM Libra” (2009) 11400-teu 本月18日离开厦门时搁浅, 经一个星期之努力和卸出燃油后浮出, 因损坏轻微该船己继续航程前往香港.

         2. -两艘货轮本月于哥伦比亚之Barranquilla 港搁浅. 它们是 “Chios Wind” (1984) 41000-dwt “Magnum Power” (2008) 54000-dwt.

四:码头       (Cargo terminal)

         1. -NOL APL合作投资2580万美元得到今年开始运作之青島新港二个泊位之经营权.

         2. -美西长堤开始耗费 7.5亿美元之第一期港口扩大工程.

:买卖/租贷         (S/P & Chartering)

1. S & P

-“Olinda”                           (1996) 149000-dwt. Tanker       usd  15.00M, Greek

-“Glory  Crystal”               (2000) 106000-dwt. Tanker       usd  20.50M, Unknown

-“Dubai Jewel”                (2004)   52900-dwt. Tanker    usd  26.00M, Pakistan   

-“Mare of Ravenna”        (2006)   51000-dwt, Tanker    usd  30.00M, Greek

-“Darya Brahmna”          (2006)   73000-dwt. Bulker              usd  29.75M, U.S.

-“Sea Mild”                        (1985)   38000-dwt. Bulker              usd    5.50M, China

2. 拆船                      

                             -“Alfred N”                          (1991) 260000-dwt                             usd 525/ldt, Bangladesh

                             -“Sealink Majesty”            (1982) 177000-dwt                             usd 455/ldt, China

                             -“Glory Shenzhen”            (1984) 149000-dwt                           usd 550/ldt, India

                             -“Vega 1”                            (1982)    63000-dwt                          usd 520/ldt, India

                             -“SV Serafim”                     (1978)    43000-dwt                          usd 517/ldt, India

                             -“Med Salvador”                 (1978)    31000-dwt                        usd 512/ldt, India


-“Dream Power”      (2011)  106000 dwt  dely River Platte 3-4 June  trip redel S’pore-Jpn range $26000 daily +$625000 bb - CTP
-“Sea Star”           (2010)    93315 dwt  dely EC S.Am early June  trip  redel S’pore-Jpn range $26000 daily +$600000 bb – cnr
-“Ocean Emperor”        (1998)    74002 dwt  dely Recalada 1-10 June  trip  redel S’pore-Jpn range $24000 daily +$450000 bb - Raffles      -“Glory Xiamen”      (1995)    71332 dwt  dely Zhangjiang 24-26 June  trip via Indonesia redel Philippines $11500 daily – Cargill
-“Ken Wave”          (1997)    56014 dwt  dely N.China Spot  trip via Philippines, Nickel ore, redel China $18000 daily –cnr                        -“Great Legend”      (2004)    52385 dwt  dely Mississippi river Spot  trip redel Japan $28250 daily – Hanjin

-“New ship”            (2011)            206000-dwt,             60  months     usd 20000/daily 

-“Guo May”            (2011)            174000-dwt,             12  months.    usd 11500/daily

-“Cretan Wave”      (2001)              74107-dwt,            4-6 months.    usd 16000/daily 

-“Azizi”                  (2001)              52544-dwt,            3-5 months.    usd 14500/daily 

-“Mandarin Sun”      (2005)              49000-dwt,            12  months.    usd 14000/daily 

-“Ocean Glory”       (2003)              35552-dwt,            4-6 months     usd 12500/daily 

5. ORE

-“Bonfide”          (1997)       170000/10%, Port Hedland/青島,  6-12 June            usd    7.15    fio,    sc/30000sc --  GMI

-“Xin Jin Hai”      (2009)        160000/10%, Tubarao/青島,        15-24 June           usd  19.30    fio     sc/30000sc --  Oldendorff

-“Anangel Haili”   (1995)       200000/10%, Tubarao/青島,         1/15  June           usd  17.80    fio,    sc/30000sc --  Louis Dreyfus       

-“Anangel Harmony”    (2010)       170000/10%, Port Hedland/青島, 15-25 June   usd    7.25    fio,     sc/30000sc -- Classic Maritime ls

6. Daily Summary of Baltic Exchange Dry Indices 2011.06.01

Baltic Exchange Dry              Index      BDI     1485 (up          5)
Baltic Exchange Capesize    Index      BCI      1912 (up        38)
Baltic Exchange Panamax    Index      BPI      1809 (down   21)
Baltic Exchange Supramax  Index       BSI      1449 (down     1)
Baltic Exchange Handysize  Index      BHSI      773 (down     3)

2011/06/01 船用燃油价格(每吨/usd)

来源: Bunkerworld

                                IFO 380           __IFO 180              MDO           MGO   

新加坡                       652                     665                     945            955

鹿特丹                       630                     655                     -----            965

            休士顿                        645                     675                     975             -----

        洛杉矶                       639                     680                     1015          -----


备注:        tbn         = to be named                       ldt          = light d/weight ton

usd        = u.s.dollar                           mtpa        = million ton per annum              

cbm       =cubic meter                           tpa        =million metric ton per annu

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