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本期头条IMO海上安全公约 (SOLAS) 要求所有商船在2014.07.01之后进塢維修时必需更換配有新型收放式之救生艇.

Merchant shipping Lifeboat release and retrieval system (LRRS)              

The new SOLAS regulation enters into force on 1 January 2013.
IMO has adopted new proposals in order to enhance the safety of Lifeboat Release and Retrieval Systems (LRRS), with the purpose of preventing accidents during the launching of lifeboats.
A new SOLAS regulation (III/1.5) requires that (existing) LRRS not meeting the new LSA Code requirements are replaced not later than the first scheduled dry-docking of the ship after 1 July 2014 but, in any case, not later than 1 July 2019. See IMO resolution MSC.317(89). The new requirements that existing systems shall meet are related to:

Stability of the hook system;

Locking arrangement;

Hydrostatic interlock.

Lifeboat solutions    鉴于已生效之IMO新公约条例全球将有3万条救生艇需要更换, 丹麦业者Nadiro巳推出下列三种新型船用救生艇:

1.  Boat in a box davit system

2.  Drop in a ball hook system

3.  On-load, releae, retrieve system

Svendborg: Shockingly the name lifeboat may well be a misnomer. According to this article from Maersk a few years back  lifeboats have cost more lives during training drills than they saved during actual rescue situations. The hook release system, which attaches the boats to the wire and winch that lowers them into the water, has been the cause of about 80% of these accidents.

 A new SOLAS legislation that takes effect from July 1 this year will regulate that all vessels drydocking must change their launch, recovery, retrieval system (LRRS ). By the end of 2019, all systems must have been replaced. Solutions are at hand however.

 In 2008, the senior general manager at Maersk Drilling, Bent Nielsen, presented the idea of a new and safer way to launch lifeboats to the Maersk Innovation Board.

 Nadiro’s systems include the Boat-In-A-Box davit systems and the unique Drop-In-Ball hook systems for lifeboats and rescue boats.

 Drop-In-Ball is, according to Nadiro ceo Frank Hansen, a “game changer”,which he claims is simple, reliable & the most safe system in the market.

 Nadiro is producing, selling, installing and servicing these On-Load, Release, Retrival Systems (OLRRS) for lifeboats.

 “It is an easy click in/click out that leaves no options for an unplanned release of the hook/lifeboat as seen in the past in other systems with the more traditional hook releases,” explains Hansen.

 “The system will bring back confidence to seafarers while having muster drills at sea, or in worst case, perfectly function in case of a real-time emergency,” he maintains.

 The SOLAS changes mean there are some 30,000 lifeboat systems that will need changing.


Strike paralyses Panama Canal expansion construction works   巴拿马运河拓宽因罢工将再次延后完工.

By Michele Labrut  from  Panama

The expansion of the Panama Canal was, once again, paralysed Wednesday 23 April by an indefinite strike called nationwide by the main construction union in the country, the Construction Workers National Union (Suntracs), demanding wage increases.

The expansion of the canal has already been delayed by 14 months.


              1. -DNV GL船级社于广州开设办事处. 该社1888年在厦门创办第一个办事处.

2. -马绍尔郡岛船舶注册广祝一千万吨或 3,100艘商船注册记录.

3. -美国 Crowley公司鉴于船舶管理业务蓬勃的前景已购入香港 Accord Ship Management公司.

4. -日本 MOL公司24/4付出 2,850万美元赎回被上海海事法院所扣之 ‘Baosteel Emotion’ 海岬型货轮.

5. -挪威之 Bass公司售出远东第一笔船舶维修和零件记录软件生意给台湾之 Simosa船务公司.

二:造船 (New Building)

1. -厦门远洋公司在山海关造船厂订造 5 38,300-dwt干散船更替旧船. 交船期 2015.

2. -虽然有很多船东对订造新船抱观望态度但希腊船东在4月份共投资30亿美元订造新船.

Greek shipowners splurge over $3bn on newbuildings

While some shipping communities many be sitting on the fence just now considering whether now is the time to make a final move into the new ship market, many leading Greek shipowners have expressed their view in cash terms.

In just the last few weeks, Greek interests have committed over $3bn to ship newbuilding projects. Data compiled by Newsfront, Greek Shipping Intelligence, reveals 14 companies and 54 ships are involved in this investment. The projects range across ranging from ethylene carriers, aframax and suezmax tankers, bulk carriers from 61,000 dwt up to 180,000 dwt and container ships of 9,400 teu.

At the same time they have invested $190m in the purchase of seven newbuildings in the secondhand market.

Athens-based Intermodal Shipbrokers commented in its week 15 report, the newbuilding market has been on “afterburner” mode over the past few weeks.

Among the projects is the staggering one put together by Stamatis Molaris involving up to 18 capesize bulkers worth $1bn. A recognized deal maker, Molaris is keeping details under wraps at present, but his Empire Bulkers is to built the ships in China's JES International Holdings. The deal is said to be for 10 firm with eight options, and carry a price tag of $55m each. They are to start delivering in October 2015 and then quickly through 2016, with the delivery schedule said by brokers to have played a big part in the order going to JES.

The orders have been placed by a mix of listed and privately-run companies with shipbuilders in China, Japan and South Korea, getting a share.

New York-listed, Athens-based Costamare Shipping, controlled by the Constantakopoulos family is the exception, going to Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Subic Shipyard in the Philippines for four 9,000 teu container ships, now being termed at the ‘Greekmax’. The four ships are added to the two already booked last summer of 2013. The price is said to be slightly over $80m each.

Energy ship contracts include: Constantine Angelopoulos group's Arcadia Shipmanagement which is understood to have ordered four suezmax tankers with a further two options at Hyundai HI worth a total $400m. The 160,000-tonners are slated for 2016 delivery.

Michael Lemos / Nereus Shipping has booked two plus two suezmaxes at same South Korean yard, while the Chandris group has booked two aframaxes at Daewoo at $51m each. Eletson Corp has expressed interest in two 22,000 cu m ethylene carriers at China's SinoPacific.

Others said to have put pen to paper in recent weeks include, Union of Greek Shipowners' president Theodore Veniamis, two 180,000 dwt bulkers at Hanjin, worth $114m, adding to an already heavy orderbook; Poseidon Shipping went to Hanjin for two capesize bulkers, worth around $110m; Quintana Shipmanagement and Laskaridis Shipping have booked kamsarmaxes at Penglai Jinglu, China and Japan's Sasebo, respectively; Euroseas / Aristides Pittas, has penned for a pair of 82,000-tonners at Jiangsu, worth $30m each; Paragon / Michael Bodouroglou, two 63,000-tonners at Dayang; AM Nomikos interests have booked four 61,000dwt bulkers, two each at NACKS and Cosco; George and Stathis Gourdomichalis / Blue Wall Shipping, have exercised an option for a pair B.Delta-43 design bulkers at China's Qingshan Shipyard for delivery 2017, worth a reported $14.5m each.

Capital Maritime / Evangelos Marinakis ordered four 9,443teu container ships at Hyundai Samho HI at a reported $85m each. Capital took up an option for a fourth 9,160 teu unit at Daewoo Mangalia HI, in Romania, in February and the latest order lifts Capital's box orderbook to eight neo-panamaxes worth just on $700m.

And this roll of orders does not include the project being finalised on behalf of Chemical Transport by Peter Georgiopoulos, for five plus five 25,000 cu m chemical tankers at China's AVIC Weihai Shipyard which could add another 10 ships and $400m to the various totals.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014 06:43

Three Chinese yards jointly win order for seven chemical tankers   三家中国造船厂共获得7条化学成品油轮订单.

By Lee Hong Liang
from  Singapore

Chinese shipyards Sainty Marine, Nantong Mingde Heavy Industry and Nantong Runde Ship Engineering have jointly won a contract to construct seven stainless steel chemical tankers for Celsius Shipping.

The seven 24,600 dwt chemical tankers cost a total of $280m, and they are scheduled for delivery between 2016 to 2017.

As part of the contract, Nantong Mingde Heavy Industry and Nantong Runde Ship Engineering will build the vessels while Sainty Marine will buy them, thereafter Sainty Marine will sell the newbuildings to Celsius Shipping.

Celsius Shipping currently operates six 19,000 dwt stainless steel chemical tankers.

Last month, Nanjing-based Sainty Marine clinched an order to build ten 64,000 dry bulk carriers worth RMB1.7bn ($276.6m) for Bangkok-based Precious Shipping.

Thursday, 24 April 2014 07:19  

三:港口 (Terminal)

China Merchants completes Colombo South Container Terminal project  招商局在哥伦布所建造之货箱码头经已完工.

Shanghai: Colombo South Container Terminal Project, invested and managed by China Merchants Holdings, has been completed following more than two years construction.

Colombo International Container Terminals Ltd (CICT) is a joint venture between China Merchants Holdings (International), Aitken Spence PLC of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA). CICT was awarded the tender to construct and operate the Colombo South Container Terminal for a period of 35 years, after which the terminal would be handed over to the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

Colombo South Container Terminal has four berths with total capacity of 2.4m teu, and it is the only port in Sri Lanka able to service the mega container ships with over 14,500teu capacity. [23/04/14]

四:海难 (Casualty)

1.       韩国客轮 ‘Sewol’号自从416日沉没至今已有236名乘客遇难和66人失踪.

2.       马来西亚 MISC公司之 ‘Maritime Maisie’ 油轮百天前在日本海与他轮相撞后漏油,但因船上装有26000吨危险化学成品附近港口均拒绝该轮进口卸油和维修而在海上飘流三个多月. 据报导韩国Ulsan现在己让该轮进港.

3.       Dockwise公司重吊船 ‘Swift’ (1983) 32,187-dwt 之螺旋桨上月18日于上海被鱼网所困,后经4天工作才理清.

4.        Bahama ‘Omak’ (2010) 79,677-dwt 418日于美东 Portsmouth港搁浅.

5.       ‘Tuo Fu三号’ (1993) 63,900-dwt 420日在印度卸煤炭二名船员进入货舱时死亡.

6.        运车船 ‘Asia Empire’ (1998) 71,383-g/t 419日于太平洋发生大火, 24名船员放下救生艇逃生.

:买卖/租贷     (S/P & Chartering)         

Vessel                        Size            Built          Buyer                Price (Mln$)
Grand Challenger              82 992          2006        Olympic Shipping        25,00 DD due
STX Jinhae     1623           82 000          2014        Greek                   32,50
Sea Of Harvest                81 168          2009        Olympic Shipping        28,00
Corona Ace                    77 447          1994        Chinese                  6,80
Coyote                        72 338          1994        Chinese                  6,90
Ioannis K                     51 557          2002        Undisclosed             18,50
Lalis                         51 536          2002        US Based                18,50
Chryssa K                     51 535          2002                                18,50
Nikaia                        51 514          2002                                18,50
Malto Blossom                 50 307          2003        Undisclosed             17,80
Hay                           40 478          1985        Syrian                   4,00
Matisse                       34 790          2011        Greek                   23,50
Moon River                    28 494          2002        Undisclosed             11,10
ken Zui                       23 564          1996        Far Eastern              5,90
Cape Bear                     33 540          1997        Undisclosed              7,00
Valpadana                     25 583          2002        Undisclosed             14,50
Valdaosta                     25 583          2002                                14,50
EK-River                      17 259          1994        Russian                  7,90

Vessel name              D/W              Ldt        Built      Buyer                     Price
MV Ji Sheng              145 235          22 000     1984      Bangladeshi (Incl spares)  490
MV Armia Krajowa         73 505           13 575     1991      Indian (Incl 280T fuel)    480
MV Chiphop               46 888           9 259      1996      Indian                     505
RORO Jolly Verde         27 720           13 696     1983      Indian (As is Jebel Ali)   500
RORO Jolly Rosso         27 229           13 696     1983      Indian (As is Jebel Ali)   500
CONT Kota Wirawan        24 693           6 811      1991      Indian                     513
RORO Global Spirit       16 493           13 089     1987      Indian                     512


3. CHARTERING (2014 week # 18 )


The week has been mixed with rates seeing a slight increase w-o-w. This is again much lead by the positive sentiment beginning this week, but still we end the week on a negative tone with little activity. The Atlantic is best described as a flat market, with some trades taking a beating while others see a slight increase in rates. In the Pacific the week ended with little happening before the long weekend ahead. Indo coal rounds paying around USD 8.5-9k while the nickel ore business is being fixed in region of USD 10-11k. Let´s see where next week will take us.


The Panamax market continues sideways in most parts of the world. The US Gulf has improved a little bit over the last week with a few fresh

requirements coming out, but the rest of the Atlantic remains pretty much unchanged at low levels and with limited activity. The average daily hire in the Atlantic is now around USD 4k. In South America the grain season continues sideways with fronthaul cargoes being fixed around USD 15k +500k ballast bonus. The Pacific market weakened a little bit over the last week, we have seen several aps fixtures which are not a good sign, but now it seems to have stabilized again. The average in Pacific is around USD 7500/day. We have seen limited period activity as well, as owners seem to be more unwilling to fix for period now that the rates has come down. But a few ships were taken for around one year period, all in the range USD 12. 5-13k/day depending the vessels specification.


A return from the Easter break has not improved the market. Quite the contrary - optimism is presently lacking indeed. The C5 West Australia/ China run, although stable in volumes, has seen rates falling from around USD 7.60 to below 7.00 pmt w-o-w. Fears of China tightening on commodities-backed financing and Yuan depreciation could see a cool down in commodity prices and potentially imports. Atlantic demand is still thin but fears of instability in gas supply bode for a better coal market with the possibility of increased bulk demand. Front haul has been very quiet but lately there are slightly more enquiries which may possibly fuel the market somewhat. Period activity is very limited due to instability of the forward curve, with Q4 dropping from USD 31,500 to 29,200 and further. Present average 4TC is at around USD 9,100, stable over the week, and too low to justify taking in period tonnage at prevailing levels asked for.

. 2014(week #18)  远东2004年造二手船平均价值:

种类                       油轮                            干散货轮                           集装箱轮         (teu)

船型        VLCC   Suezmax   Aframax   Cape   Pmax   Supramax    Handy    P/Pax    Pmax    Handy   

吨位()             31          16           11          18         7.5            5           3         6500     4000      1400  

价值(万美元)    -1.8%   0.0%     +2.5%    +2.4%     -2.4%    -1.0%     0.0%    0.0%  -0.8%   +5.0% 


来源: Bunkerworld

                                IFO 380           __IFO 180            MDO           MGO   

新加坡                       580                     597                   892              899

鹿特丹                       574                     588                   -----              879

            休士顿                        594                     645                   -----              955


备注:        tbn         = to be named                       ldt          = light d/weight ton

usd        = u.s.dollar                           mtpa        = million ton per annum              

cbm       =cubic meter                           tpa        =million metric ton per annu


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