SRT #4 - 港口国的突击检查

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Issue 4 -  港口国的突击检查    


本月8 世界各港口国检查单位包括:

          Paris MOU

          Tokyo MOU

          Indian Ocean MOU

          Mediterranean MOU

          Black Sea MOU

          Latin America Agreement on PSC


联同宣布从91日开始到1130日在全世界每个港口举行一个以 ISM为重点的检查 (Concentrated Inspection Campaign) on ISM code implementation.

The CIC inspections will be conducted in conjunction with routine Port State Control inspections.

For this purpose PSC officers will issue a checklist and ask questions to key personnel in order to assess if the Safety Management System (SMS) is sufficiently implemented on board.

Some of questions that might be asked by PSC officers are:

                1. Is the Safety Management documentation (certificates, manuals) are on board?

                2.  Is there evidence that the Master has carried out the review of SMS?  

                3.  Can senior officers identify the “designated person” responsible for the operation of the ship and the means to contact that person?

4. Have the procedures for establishing and maintaining contact with shore management in an emergency been tested?

5.  Have the procedures to report non-conformities, accidents and hazardous situations been followed? 

6.  Does the ship’s SMS have a maintenance routine which includes the testing of stand by and critical equipment/systems with records available?

7.  Is relevant documentation regarding the SMS in a working language or language understood by the crew?

8.  Are programs for drills and exercises for emergency situations available and are record available?

9.   Is there evidence of an effective maintenance system?

10. Are introduction/familiarization procedures for crew members carried out in accordance with documented procedures?

11.  Are the crew members able to communicate effectively in the execution of their duties?

12.  Are any repetitive deficiencies to be found from previous PSC inspections?


在接到这个消息之后 DNV船级社在他们的 Risk management 栏目上就发出通告提醒船东们和船长尽

准备好船上的 ISM 工作和项目以便一次通过 PSC CIC 检验.


什么是 Risk management (危机管理)? 它是近20年来一种最流行的行政管理方式,它可以运用于各种

业之上. 它的概念是在行政管理过程中把危机处理掉, 如果做不到的话就把危机降到最低或者降到一个





备专业知识和丰富经验, 船上人员配搭要适当, 如一位资源深船长可带一位新大副或者是新船长一定

配有一位资深大副,而绝对不能有船长和大副二个都是新人的情形出现, 这种正确的搭配才可减少海难

的发生.至於金钱的注入是公司的船队必需附合船级社和国际公约所有的要求, 绝对不能有马马虎虎”, “

将就一下下次再做的情况出现,这种管理方式需要大量资金和时间. 记得笔者的启蒙船长Capt.Prigent

 曾经说过英国有家船公司为了保证信誉把所有新造的船都在 Lloyds船级社要求之上再加10%,这真是天


  用 “Prevention is better than cure” (预防胜过补救).

         对于 Risk management 或称 Loss prevention很多 P & I club在他们的网站都刊有相关资料, 指导船东们如何避免因意外发生而引起的损失, 间接也替保险公司省下不少的赔偿费,这是一个很好和双赢的局面.

下面是几家公司的网站, 如同学们有兴趣的话可上网在 Risk management Loss prevention拦目找到很多有用的资料.

                   North of England P & I Club              

                   Skuld P & I Club                                   

                   Gard  P & I Club                                  

                   West of England P & I Club                

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