SRT #29 - 航行安全极为担忧 2011.12.01

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提及国际船东对中国海域航行之安全性极为担忧. ( 1)

近年来因海运的发达我国几大港口外海从卫星均可见到成群,密密麻麻的船只. 尢其是在山东半岛与青岛港外附近. ( 2,3 and 4)


在这些情况之下如无优良之航道管理系统和警饧的船员,那就是坐待海难的发生. 在过去一年之中于山东半岛和青岛港外之海上就发生七宗严重海难事件,导致船员生命和货物的丧失. 但船东们并未看到海事当局对下列海难发生原因的调查报告, 对此航运业者极表担忧.

1. “Hamburg Bridge” (2006) 8,120-teu and “Oriental Sunrise” (1983) 4,400-teu

2. “CSAV Petorca”(2001) 6,500-teu and “CCNI Rimac”(2001) 2,524-teu

3. “COSCO HongKong” (2002) 5,250-teu and “Zheling Yu Yun #135”

4. “Bright Century” (1997) 178,000-dwt and “Sea Success” (1998) 27,000-dwt

5. “Flandre” (2004) 305,000-dwt and “Hun Chi #8”

6. “Dong Fang Ocean” (1986) 21,400-dwt and “Aali” (2009) 53,500-dwt

7. “CMB Biwa” (2002) 53,500-dwt and “Lu Ri Yu”


国外很多繁忙之海峡,航道和港口均设有船只航道管理. 在美国,政府早己立法, CFR 33, Part 161, 11处海港设有航道管理以减少意外之发生.

China’s maritime-safety record has come under close scrutiny following a series of losses involving Chinese-controlled vessels and more fatal collisions off its coast.

In the most recent accident earlier this month, 10 Chinese seafarers are missing feared dead following a collision between K Line’s 8,120-teu containership Hamburg Bridge (built 2009) and the 4,400-dwt Oriental Sunrise (built 1983) off the port of Qingdao in Shandong province.

Ship managers have warned that increasing trade to Chinese ports, added to the congestion from an active local coastal fishing industry, is making navigation around the country hazardous.

The K Line casualty is similar to others in the region this year. In June, there was a major collision between the 6,500-teu CSAV Petorca (built 2001) and 2,524-teu CCNI Rimac (built 2001) at the Yangshan anchorage.

That followed the death of 11 fishermen when their vessel, the Zhe Ling Yu Yun 135, collided with the 5,250-teu, UK-flag Cosco Hong Kong (built 2002) just 48 kilometres (30 miles) off the coast in March. The accident is being investigated by the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA).

But with a lack of official and transparent investigation by China into these losses, it is unclear if they are attributable to a lack of proper traffic control by the Chinese authorities or if the fault lies with negligent navigation.

The China Maritime Administration has only completed and published an accident report into one loss, the 2009 collision between the 53,500-dwt CMB Biwa (built 2002) and the fishing vessel Lu Ri Yu.

: 海事局对 2009年 “CMB Biwa 和 “Lu Ri Yu 之事件己作出报告 可看到世界各航区当天之 traffic.

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