SRT #27 - 八成海难人为所致 2011.11.01

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摘自贸易风923日周刊                 DNV严批船员素质

挪威船级社指出人为海难仍然保持在 80%以上, 并严评多所海事学院素质不良和船东们对船员的胜任考验漠不关心.

对船务公司的严评即来自 DNV高层 A. Nordholm 船长9月中旬和船东与经理们在伦敦开会时发表.

几个月之前欧盟之海事安全机构 (EMSA) 在核查律宾训练学校时发现海员素员有问题. 因而引起有关禁止菲律宾海员于欧盟船上服务之提案.

海员工作胜任问题英国海难意外调查处之 Stephen Mayer最近也曾经提及过.

DNV slams quality of crew skills

The Norwegian class society says the number of accidents caused by human error still remains at more than 80%. () 

Leading classification society Det Norske Veritas (DNV) has taken a swipe at maritime-training institutions, saying many are of poor quality and that shipping companies care little about testing the competency of their crew.

The hard-hitting comments on the failure of the shipping industry’s attempts to nurture its skill base came from DNV’s Captain Aksel Nordholm at a meeting of shipowners and managers at London last week.

Nordholm said: “Poor training in the shipping industry is now rife, and competency testing by shipping companies is rare. Much of the training is of poor quality and there is a lax approach to training across the industry..

Nordholm points out that the influx of new seafarers into the industry has seen cases of seemingly qualified crew having no basic seamanship.

Explaining the comments to Tradewinds, Nordholm said: “These comments are based on research and  what we see and certify ourselves.”

The exception is the big in-house training facilities of the major companies.”

Problems with the quality of seafarer training were raised earlier this year when an European Maritime Safety Authority (EMSA) audit of Philippines training academy uncovered deficiencies that prompted talk of a ban on Filipinors working on European Union 9EU0-FLAG SHIPS. The problems were thought to be restricted to just a few academies.

Lack of competency has also been previously highlighted by others in the industry such as the former head of the UK Maritime Accident Investigation Branch (Maib), Stephen Mayer.

当上述报告见报刊出不久即有台湾公司 “Jui Hsing” 轮于103日于基隆搁浅和”The Hsing” 1028日于澎湖外海相撞, 还有是由菲律宾人任船长之”Rena” 105日于新西兰搁浅, 这些海难是否就在证实西方对东方海员之不认可. 世上事情就有这么的巧!

 10月份可以说是台湾海员悲痛的日子因上述二条台湾管理船只的船长都在这次海难中殉职. 笔者认为瑞兴号船长如在开船之前有考虑到海上强风和空船受风能力而做好准备工作和应对强风之航向和措施, 这个悲剧是完全可以避免的.

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