SRT #56 - 中国多功能船队壮大 2015.06.30

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China’s MPP Fleet Lifting Off?

in International Shipping News 30/06/2015

据克拉臣公司调查报告近年来中国多功能船队己逐渐壮大并在西方公司垄断之下占一席之地, 这对国家在 一带一路 政策之下所出口超大货物负起特有功能. 目前中国多功能船队在世界排名第二和33艘新船 (8,000 dwt) 的订单堪称世界第一.

The Chinese owned fleet of Multi-Purpose vessels (MPPs) has increased in recent years, with Chinese owners now accounting for a significant proportion of global investment into a sector traditionally dominated by Europeans. With the state’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ strategy expected to support Chinese exports of project cargoes in the future, here we take a closer look at China’s MPP fleet and orderbook.

Outstripping The World

China is now the world’s second largest owner nation, after Germany, of Multi-Purpose vessels (MPPs), with a fleet of 247 ships of 4.1m dwt at the start of June 

2015, equal to 14% of global MPP fleet capacity. COSCO Shipping has the largest MPP fleet of all Chinese owners, with 51 vessels of a combined 1.3m dwt. Since 2007, China’s MPP fleet has increased by almost 50% in dwt terms, registering average growth of 6% p.a. in the period 2007-14, faster than the 2% p.a. increase in the global MPP fleet.

Upsizing Onwards

The expansion in China’s MPP fleet has been driven by growth in the 20,000+ dwt sector. 103 vessels of 2.8m dwt in this size range are now owned by Chinese companies, accounting for 70% of China’s MPP fleet capacity, up from 40% in 2007. This upsizing trend has been reinforced by the contraction of the sub-20,000 dwt fleet, by 20% in dwt terms between start 2007 and end May 2015. Newbuilding investment has been focussed in the larger sizes, supported by China’s rising exports of project cargoes (typically large and heavy items for use in the mining, petrochemical and infrastructure sectors, for example). Many smaller, older vessels have been scrapped, resulting in the total number of MPPs owned by Chinese companies declining by 11% since the start of 2010.

Heavy-Duty Work

In China’s MPP fleet today, the majority (60%) of vessels are geared, and around half of these are fitted with heavy lift equipment (capable of lifting 100 tonnes or more in a single lift). The ‘Da-III’ series of 28,000 dwt ships have the largest lift capacity in the fleet. Owned by COSCO Shipping, these vessels have two cranes capable of lifting 350 tonnes each.

A More Prominent Role

While the pace of growth in China’s MPP fleet has slowed in recent years (partly reflecting the scrapping of around 50 vessels of 1m dwt since start 2013), the fleet still has potential to grow further in the coming years. At the start of June 2015, China had the largest volume of MPP tonnage on order of any owner nation, with an orderbook of 33 vessels of 0.8m dwt. This represents 19% of the Chinese fleet in dwt terms, compared to 7% for the global MPP orderbook. Almost 90% of capacity on order to Chinese owners is for 20,000+ dwt units, which should lead to further upsizing in China’s MPP fleet.

State-promoted strategies such as ‘One Belt, One Road’ and ‘High-Speed Rail Diplomacy’ are expected to boost Chinese project cargo exports further in the coming years. Against this backdrop, and with a significant orderbook of large high specification units, China seems likely to play an increasingly major role in the global MPP sector.
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