SRT #58 - 巴拿马运河新一代船只 2015.07.31

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New wave of neo-Panamax ship orders expected


随着巴拿马运河的拓宽, 比现有的Panamax型更大的新船将会到来……………

 The third set of Panama Canal locks is scheduled to open in April 2016, some 18 months after the original October 2014 target date. With the canal expansion project reaching 91% completion in this month, and with less than one year to go before the expected opening, a large-scale redistribution of tonnage appears on the horizon. While this will help to absorb the excess of 8,000- 10,000 teu ships that have been pushed out of East-West routes by ULCS newbuildings, it will also drive many traditional maxi-panamax ships out of business.

Roughly half the maxi-panamaxes of 4,800-5,300 teu currently in service are employed on Panama routes, and most of them would be made redundant. The canal expansion project was first announced in April 2006 and the preliminary maximum dimensions as published by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) for neo-panamax vessels state an approximate Loa of 366 m, a 49 m beam and a 15.20 m draft (Tropical Fresh Water). Based on Alphaliner’s fleet database, there are 190 neo-panamax containerships currently in service, with another 125 units on order. These neo-panamax ships range in size from 8,600 teu to 14,000 teu.




A further 473 sub neo-panamax ships of over 299 m in Loa, with beams of 17 or 18 deck rows and capacities of 6,000-11,000 teu, will also compete with the 19 row ships on Panama routes, once fitted with the proper bridge and mooring equipment compatible with the ACP requirements (the latest ones are however equipped ex yard).

Source: Alphaliner


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